Mili Meme

Big Brother Is Weighing You

by David Kramer, LRC

Hold on—you’re about to think, “Now, I’ve heard everything.” The city of Cleveland is going to roll out new high tech garbage trucks and garbage cans that will allow sanitation workers to detect when someone has not been recycling recyclable trash. Here’s how this Orwellianscam scheme works: The designated garbage can for recycling will have an embedded chip in it. The garbage truck will have a detector in it. As the garbage truck goes about on its daily route of picking up garbage, if it detects that a certain residence has not put out his recyclable garbage can for a few weeks, the sanitation worker will then inspect the regular garbage cans that are being put out for pick up. If the regular cans contain recyclable garbage and that recyclable garbage weighs more than 10% of the total garbage to be picked up, the perpetrator will be fined $100.

There are two reasons why the city has embarked on this Rube Goldbergian nonsense:

“Recycling is good for the environment and the city’s bottom line, officials said. Cleveland pays $30 a ton to dump garbage in landfills, but earns $26 a ton for recyclables.”

Since I consider the institution of government itself to be a bunch of garbage, what an appropriate way for the city of Cleveland to make money.