When All Else Fails

Surprise: Cameron Morphs Into Gore, Quits AGW Debate

by C Monster, Soylent Green

Dammit. I even emailed Marc Morano asking when there’d be video of exploding heads. Little did I know that James Cameron, who said he wanted to “shoot it out” with “deniers,” at the Aspen AREDAY Eco-fest had already chickened out–even after he won Gore-like concessions that there would be no media and no audio or video record kept.

Then finally James Cameron, who so publicly announced that he “wanted to call those deniers out into the street at high noon and shoot it out,” decided to ban the media from the shoot out.

He even wanted to ban the public. The debate/roundtable would only be open to those who attended the conference.

No media would be allowed and there would be no streaming on the internet.  No one would be allowed to record it in any way.

We all agreed to that.

And then, yesterday, just one day before the debate, his representatives sent an email that Mr. “shoot it out “ Cameron no longer wanted to take part. The debate was cancelled.

An AGW fanatic who can’t stand debate, where have I heard that before? Well, at least they gave Morano 90 minutes, maybe there’s some Scanners footage anyway.