Liberty Commentary

The Result of Intellectual Capitulation

by James P. Harvey, LDL

May Slack Be Upon You

After profound analysis, I decided that our government educated society actually wants a police state; to gain protection from the dull and ignorant working class that wants  five hundred channels of professional wrestling and NASCAR, porn, beer adds, and easy sex on the cable, plus two weeks a year at Disney World. People who don’t read much, largely because of honest inability, and count on their fingers, up to maybe six, and would be perfectly happy to have storm troopers on every corner, as full auto pistols and flack jackets lend drama to lives that  have no intellectual pursuits

This Intellectual capitulation is the result of a government controlled education and media industry that brain drains our citizens before they reach puberty, and destroys interest in any higher thoughts than self gratification, and media addiction. It is a severe handicap for them to express a proposition without using body language or audible grunts, but they have been told the dull and ignorant have rights too, and deserve to be heard.

They still believe the U. S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land and remain just as delusional as those who believe America has free and honest markets. As each generation of indoctrinated children mature, and each generation of self reliant individuals die off, America becomes a nation of intellectual cowards who obediently accept economic slavery. Communitarianism then becomes America’s GOD, technology will no longer be needed to update character databases, and personal freedom will no longer be desired.

American’s are totally beguiled by this corporate government, which is acting as elected politicians, with the sole objective of draining America of its natural resources, devaluing its currency through the excessive accumulation of national, and personal debt, and indoctrinating each generation into a dependency on the government to solve their problems, and take care of them.

The Constitution is selectively enforced by government corporations, acting in obedience to the international bankers, just as our founding fathers predicted, and this deplorable situation is ALL OUR FAULT! ! !

We can no longer blame the people who have done this to us, because like a dog returning to its vomit, they only do what they were created to do. The responsibility for letting them proceed unchecked is ours alone. We forgot that all government is force, and where force resides, tyranny follows.

Our present concern is for avoiding arrest and property seizure for not obeying all the un-constitutional laws being passed by non elected public- private partnerships, preserving the ability to earn a living, and stopping the transformation to a Global Government and electronic currency, which will permanently prevent us from bringing  organization to the present growing revolution.

Just as England refused to let our ancestors go their own way, we can expect the same from all levels of our present government; be they Federal, State, or Local, and the responsibility to form an effective resistance lays on our shoulders alone. The weak cannot negotiate with the strong, and the order of the day is to become strong, well organized, and prepared.

Let us not shrink from our duty to preserve freedom at all cost, or be effeminate and faint in the face of tyranny. The American myth is over, and the time to build an indestructible wall of freedom around our future is now.

Give me freedom, or give me death, were pretty words and stupid men fell all over themselves shouting it. The reality is; freedom is never freely given, it is ripped out of the hands of tyranny by force!