USA: Police State

Free Crocodile Dundee!

by William N. Grigg

This works on all reptiles; except Tax Collectors...

During a recent visit to his home country to attend his mother’s funeral, Australian actor Paul Hogan, best known to millions as the cinematic comedy-action hero Crocodile Dundee, was kidnapped for ransom.

The Australian Tax Office seeks to extort roughly $22 million from Hogan. The Australian government issued an order forbidding him to leave the country.

Douglas Urbanski, Hogan’s Los Angeles-based talent agent, describes his client as a victim of “an act of violence by a very violent police state…. I’m glad I’m not there.”

Mr. Urbankski spoke too soon. Last March, Congress passed the grandly named Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment — or “HIRE” – Act. One provision of that Act requires foreign banks to withhold 30% of all outgoing capital flows and provide account information on U.S. expatriates to the IRS – or to close bank accounts owned by U.S. citizens.

The same trap that snagged Crocodile Dundee awaits any American who tries to protect his wealth from the rapacious government ruling us.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.