Foreign Policy: Fear or Freedom?

Posted: September 1st, 2010 by Gadget42

by Kevin Brett, C4L

To the chagrin of many fellow media pundits, Glenn Beck hosted his “Restoring Honor” rally at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial this past Saturday.  If nothing else, the event provided insight into a broad demographic of the American population that is unsettled with the nation’s current trajectory.

Nick Gillespie of gave a good report from the trenches of the audience in an attempt to further define the specific motives and concerns of those in attendance.

At 2:03 in the video, Gillespie questions one of the attendees about freedom of religion.  The issue has been central to much recent debate concerning the construction of the NYC mosque and foreign policy in general, specifically in conservative circles.

The interviewee states that “Islam doesn’t factor in” to the American value system, and that “if you’re a good Muslim, you’ll kill Christians”.  Based on a loose interpretation of recent conservative rumblings, this seems to be the common sentiment among those who believe that our interventionist wars abroad are good and just.

Is this a valid argument?  Is Islam an inherently inhumane religious belief?  The following Venn-Diagram found on the “Anonymous Arabist” WordPress blog would seem to indicate otherwise.  The caption of the post reads, “If they hate us, why haven’t they killed us yet?” and measures the U.S. population, the world Muslim population, the overlap, and al-Qaeda.

Clearly, the total Muslim population far out-sizes the total American population.  Could it be that the fears of many Americans are being misplaced according to an over-broad stereotype, while the real enemy consists of a small, albeit effective minority?


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