Militant Rants

Insight Into the Mind of a Statist Opposing Prop. 19

by Aaron Turpen, CannaCentral

A story in the LA Times yesterday in which Sheriff Baca ties together the triple murder in West Hollywood, its possible medical marijuana ties, and why Proposition 19 should fail is an enlightening look at the convoluted logic of the true statist.  The disconnect he displays and his utter inability to see the true problem behind the crime shows how the control freaks who make up the majority of those who oppose marijuana’s legalization really think.

In the triple murder to which Baca refers, a man allegedly went to an illegal marijuana buy in the hopes of scoring a large amount of pot.  When he met his dealers at their West Hollywood apartments, he found out that the price for the marijuana he wanted to purchase was much higher than expected and he didn’t have the cash.  So he shot them and took the weed.  He killed another man, who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, before making his short-lived escape.

What Sheriff Baca says is that the marijuana in question was purchased from several local marijuana dispensaries and this “high grade medical marijuana” was part of a scam in which, get this, criminals who want to illicitly deal in marijuana first get a legal medical marijuana card and then go around town purchasing legal marijuana so they can re-sell it illegally.

This is where the logic gets interesting, folks.  Totally ignoring the obvious source of the problem here, the Sheriff makes the following claim:

“The medicinal marijuana program that voters authorized years ago has been hijacked by underground drug dealing criminals who are resorting to violence in order to control their piece of the action.”

Yes, Sheriff.  That is what criminals do when they deal in a prohibited substance whose value is overinflated because of its prohibition.

The very same prohibition which Sheriff Baca and Senator Dianne Feinstein are working hard to continue with their campaign to defeat Proposition 19.  Precisely so they can continue to fight their failed War on (some) Drugs.  A war caused by, supported by, and dependent on this prohibition which the People of California will be deciding the fate of in November.

[source LA Times Blogs]