Militant Rants

The Earth-Shattering Significance of Chuck Baldwin and Family Going Galt!

by Gadget42






OK, here we go, down the rabbit hole…down, Down, DOWN…deep, Deep, DEEP!

Topic: Chuck Baldwin and Family Going Galt

Significance: Earth-Shattering, a twenty on a ten-point scale

Reasoning: You’re kidding right!?! The Constitution Party’s 2008 Presidential Candidate Goes Galt In 2010!?!

Seriously: From Florida, the sunshine state… to Montana, big sky country…

More Seriousness: From warm, sunny Florida… to cold, rugged Montana…

What does Chuckie know that you don’t know…or are too much in De Nile to admit to yourself, let alone others?

What might Chuck and company do up in Montana? Who knows and who cares, is it really anyone’s business?

Will the Grand Wizard Obamanator send the sons and daughters of the Ruby Ridge Assassination Team after Chuckie?

Will Chuck and company homestead some terra firma and farm and ranch for self-sustaining self-sufficiency?

Will GUNvernment GUNsters extort Chuck and company for being human and being on some particular terra firma?

Will GUNvernment THUGsters extort Chuck and company for farming and not surrendering some fruits of terra firma?

Will GUNvernment GOONsters extort Chuck and company for ranching and not surrendering the beef, ham, and chicken?

Will GUNvernment MURDERers ride in horse trailers and helicopter gunships to visit Chuck and company at their church?

Will GUNvernment MERCENARIES bring tanks and gas and fire down upon Chuck and company as they peacefully pray?

Surely the GUNvernment cannot allow Chuck and company to set such a precedent!?!

Surely the GUNvernment knows that more and more producers will join Chuck in Going Galt to escape the looterfest!

What will the looters do when the food producers and the water suppliers and the electrical companies all vanish?

Who and What and Where and How will the looters loot when looters are all that are left to loot?

Run Chuckie…run, Run, RUN like the wind!

Who better to tend to Wyatt’s Torch!

Who will follow the Constitution Party’s 2008 Presidential Candidate, Chuck Baldwin, to Galt’s Gulch!?!

Then again…everyone can begin Starving The Monkeys this very minute, regardless of your current terra firma position.