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The MoveOn/TrueMajority Scam

The following is an email from MoveOn (there’s nothing to see here), the socialist front group for “Democrats” and their apologists. Rather than my usual format of showing you their email and then my response, I’m going to intersperse my responses within their email. My additions are italicized in square brackets: [me writing here]. This is because the top portion of their email is short and it’s idiocy is best shown by merely filling in some blanks, as it were. Note their use of the new leftist buzz term “corporate front groups” as they attack their (supposed) enemy, the Republicans…


Dear MoveOn member, [even if you’re just a lurker who likes to get this garbage and make comments on it]

Election Day is less than two months away, and we need to decide today whether we’ll have enough resources for a major campaign to help stop the Republicans and their corporate allies from taking over Congress. [Replacing our buddies the Democrats and their corporate allies…er, I mean, interested business partners..]

In a survey over the weekend, 92% of MoveOn members [(all ten of them!)] said that we should work broadly to help Democratic candidates—especially now that corporate front groups are spending $400 million to boost Republicans’ chances. [Of course, since Democrats only have “allies in business” (like BP), this same rhetoric doesn’t apply to us and our matching donations. We are the good guys, after all, who are only out for your best interest, as the past several years of Congressional control should prove…]

[Insert vague “action plans” and begging for donations here.]