How Can You Fight Evil by Being Evil?

Posted: September 8th, 2010 by Militant Libertarian

Hezekiah Wyman

John Kozy wrote a fascinating essay and my editor at large in my former home in north Idaho, Mike O, called my attention to it.  There is a consistent motif I run into from folks who insist that the routine brutalization of citizens and the adherence to laws which in the end fine, jail, maim and kill the resistant is virtuous.  This idolatry of the state (and its associated supporting documents) is at the heart of what I can only call a “death cult” which the statists both left and right subscribe to.

I am a member of an organization which recently started provided free admission to “Law Enforcement Officers” for attendance at the event.  I and a handful objected rather strenuously to this but to no avail.  Accusations of cop hater flew about but I don’t hate them, I simply don’t need them and consider their presence on balance a clear and present danger to peaceable citizens.  A cursory search of the video sites online will reveal a mountain of heinous and vicious footage of cops at work on both the guilty and innocents alike.  Most of the former, of course, are brutalized and restrained for violating state prescribed malum prohibitum laws.  Cops are simply the pointy end of the avalanche of laws that has consumed the country at light speed.  Think about it: absent tax collectors and cops, how could the state exist in its present leviathan state.  Like the Constitution, we have been subjected to a clever and masterful propaganda campaign to not only obey a cop’s every whim but to worship them for the privilege. We are told they are in a dangerous occupation yet fisherman, loggers and steel workers among other are for more likely to be injured or killed per capita.  Most cops are killed in “transportation incidents” most likely when they are engaged in a hot pursuit which more than likely was precipitated by a revenue violation for speeding.  The largest danger is not for cops but from them. Those who defend police chases, and insist police are not liable in any way during such chases, do so at the risk of their own lives and property. There is no defense to driving tons of metal at high speeds. Police chases do not stop crimes; they do not deter criminals; and they often inflict terror and harm on citizens.  Most of these manufactured crimes have linkage to the New Prohibition.

I often wonder when I see the police savagery against women whether it is beating, tasing or shooting, especially simply for compliance or a reaction to “resistance”, where are the husbands, fathers, brothers and sons?  Where are their memories?  Have they become so estrogen-laden that they will not seek satisfaction with the violators over time?  Have we truly become a nation of Vichy-style collaborationists who turn the other cheek at this organized and systemic attack on everyday citizens?

I wrote an essay on this several years ago:

Today, voting is simply a preference for evil if I take people’s conversations about their ballot adventures at their word.  Until we recover from our addiction to evil practices, we will continue to devolve into the savage and statist state of nature called Homo Sovieticus.

Please enjoy this excerpt from Dr. Kozy’s insightful essay on what may be done. -BB

But modern technological advances have made even other practices available. Imaginative uses of these tried and proven methods can be very effective.

For instance, most computer literate people are familiar with denial of service attacks used by hackers. A denial of service attack is an attempt to make a computer resource unavailable to its intended users. These attacks are a great nuisance, but often cause no real damage. No good person would recommend using such attacks, but consider the following situation:

People are routinely asked to write their congressmen to influence their voting on specific issues. These letters are usually delivered to Capitol Hill, perhaps causing congressmen some annoyance, but rarely enough to induce much real change. But what if the letters, written in civil language without threats, were sent to the residences of a congressman’s parents, siblings, spouse, and children? What if the letters merely asked the recipient’s to urge their relatives to consider changing his/her mind? What if thousands of letters were sent to these people? The annoyance would be enormous. If this were done to enough congressmen often enough, perhaps they would consider acting in more responsible ways or perhaps leaving office altogether. Denying miscreants of the convenient use of the proceeds of their actions could be a powerful tool.

This technique can be used against corporate officers and their governing boards, judges who routinely reduce the amounts jurors award plaintiffs, the police who are shown to have acted brutally, Justices of the Supreme Court who issue rulings that cannot be justified by normal readings of the Constitution, in short, anyone acting in an official capacity who has done a great wrong. Furthermore, the U.S. Postal Service needs the money. The establishment does not expect people to act in such ways; it expects them to use the normal established channels to express their disapproval. But those established channels have long ago been shown to be ineffective.

All that is required to win the battle against evil is to find ways to make the lives of the miscreants miserable. No laws, not violence, not even punishment is needed. Annoy them, shame them, shun them, ostracize them, turn them into social outcasts, personae non gratae. Even if the good in society constitute only a minority, if the minority is large enough, it can succeed using such benign but annoying techniques.

The situation described above is only one of many possibilities. Imaginative people can conceive of others which can be equally effective. Think of ways of using the telephone, twitter, posters, and anything else in similar ways. The governing maxim needed is just make the miscreant’s life miserable.

Unless such techniques are put to use, evil will prevail. Then, paraphrasing J. Robert Oppenheimer’s comment after the first atomic bomb was successfully tested, We will have become evil, the destroyer of goodness.

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