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CIA Financing Coup D’Etat Plans Fall Flat

Stillborn Insight Into Our Government Involvement Then and Now

by Freedom Lady


My subject title is a headline from The Times of Viet Nam, “A Chronicle of the Nations Progress,” dated Monday, September 2, 1963.

I have scrapbooks for the scrapbooks of actual news items, going back to 1920s. Mostly those up to the 1940s were left to me by my mother-in-law. So many news articles about Franklin Delano Roosevelt and regime during the last Great Depression. I’m a collector of a lot of things, newspaper items being one of them, which is great because now, fast forward 2010 writing blog articles, is a great source of information, particularly about political government activities. This particular title heads a very lengthy news item from 1963, from a foreign country, Viet Nam, about what our government was doing at that time. A rather startling revelation.

This article I will quote from is particularly important based upon the current news about all taking place in this country, specifically a new found awareness, relative to the Transformation of America from a Republic, based upon personal Freedom and Private property Rights to a system of Socialism intergrated into the One World Government Order. A battle now going on, based upon facts, actual events, and conspiraces.

In 1963, my Airforce pilot husband was on a tour of duty in Viet Nam, and would regularly send me letters, pictures, and articles about what was actually going on there. He was a helicoptor pilot, flying behind enemy lines to pick up wounded American soldiers. This newspaper article is one he sent to me in 1963, almost fifty years ago.

From Saigon: “The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency was financing a planned coup d’ etat scheduled for last Wednesday reliable foreign sources said yesterday.” Keep in mind a coup d’ etat means a sudden seizure of government, an unexpected seizure of government.

“It was well known that the COMMUNISTS were exploiting the X-Loi campaign in an effort to topple the Vietnamese government and there were constant rumors that the CIA was supporting it.”

“Now as the story comes out, it is revealed that the CIA agents in the Political Sections of the U.S. Embassy, the Public Safety Division of USOM and the G-2 section of MMAG with the assistance of the well-paid military attaches from three other embassies had prepared a detailed plan for the overthrow of the Vietnamese government. The CIA plan, it is said, had the blessing of high officials in the distressed State Department.”

It is also said Vietnamese authorities seem to be well aware of CIA efforts to help build the political agitation of the Buddhist affairs to a point of popular confusion and hysteria, which would be fertile ground for the planned coup d’ etat of the unofficially, official American organization.”

Now read this carefully — “Beginning in January of this year, it is reported American secret agency experts who successfully engineered the coup d’ etats in Turkey, Guatemala, Korea and FAILED IN IRAN and Cuba, before arriving in Viet Nam, began arriving in Viet Nam, taking up duties mostly in Viet Nam, taking up duties in the U.S. Embassy USOM, MAAG and various official and unofficial installations here. The Viet Nam government, seemingly well aware of this, apparently could not believe such actions were possible by ALLIES AT A TIME VICTORY SEEMED SO NEAR!!!”

“Rumors of their activities with student and religious and other private groups and clubs have long flown around the city. During the period in which U.S. Ambassador Nolitin was on leave from May to July, the operation became more openly active, showing themselves in person at X-LOi Pagoda to confer with agitators there.”

“But certain foreign sources say, the young AGENTS PROVOCATEURS showed their hands too brazenly in the attempt to prepare the military coup d’ etat and revealed the PLOT. Naively believing the subjects of their bribes were anti-government, they poured money into the pockets of many, the sources say. The money now spent from a budget which the U.S. Congress has no authority to audit, an affair which may bring much trouble and shame when the U.S. Congress takes a close look. The sources estimate the sum of money spent to overthrow the Viet Namese government was between 10 and 21 million dollars.”

In Part Two,”The macabre outline of the plot in seven steps, bears a sinister resemblance to the communist tactics.” Then and Now.


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