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I Can See Clearly Now

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by James P. Harvey, LDL

Yes, I can see clearly now, and unless you readers have experienced the debilitating confusion from a life time of ideological contradictions that we have encountered; you will not understand a single sentence in this diatribe. It won’t matter if you have two or two billion brain cells to rub together, unless you feel, and know why you feel betrayed and confused; you just won’t get it. One cannot heal, unless they have been wounded.

As intellectually undeveloped children we didn’t even recognize they were contradictions. They were like food in the pantry that was intended to nourish our bodies at a later date, or poison us as the case may be. Few of us ever thought about what was in our intellectual pantry, because we trusted Mom and Dad to feed us good food, we felt the same way about our teachers in school, and even that mean old Preacher at church. Unaware, we were taught to trust nearly everyone, but as we matured and the poison we consumed in our food produced cancerous cells in our bodies, we lost the lust for life, and apathy overcame us. Miraculously, some of us survived and matured into socially rejected non-conformist. Thank God!

Unfortunately, we were not even aware of being a non-conformist until much later in life when we decided to throw away the heavy garbage we were dragging around, and start thinking on our own. We have been dragging some of that garbage all of our life and have become so attached to it we are afraid to throw it away, but we know everything must be carefully inspected and analyzed, lest we throw away something nutritious.

We cannot think without food for thought, and the fear of throwing away a familiar food that might nourish our mind only adds to our agony. So we learn right away that analyzing something requires learning something so an informed decision can be made. Surreptitious contradictions are hard to recognize when they were given to us by people we love and trust.

In case I’m boring you, consider how hard it is to reject the patriotic social commitment to love our country. That should alert you to the fact that this article is not about poor me, or poor you, it’s about analyzing all of our presuppositions’ as to their ability to assist us in making life and death decisions, and obtaining a life that is worth living.

Are you more interested now? You should be, because the decisions you are going to be forced to make in the near future will determine not only how you are going to live your life, but if you will live at all. Since I have never known a person who wants to die, I thought it might be prudent to consider some of the things that have prevented us from already having a life of liberty to pursue happiness, property, security, and Godliness.

First, we must learn how to selectively regurgitate just the ideological contradictions, and replenish the intellectual void with nutritious presuppositions’, which brings us back to loving America.

Who in their right mind would love a country that is governed by tyrants Who in their right mind would love a country whose government forces them to live among people whose world view is intellectually putrid to them? One that infiltrates their children’s minds with intellectual contradictions until they don’t know right from wrong, good from evil, truth from lies, or the absolutely stupid conclusion that there is no truth?

What kind of person loves a country that manipulates the economy so that only five percent of the population can afford to educate their children without sending them into an environment each day that’s not even suitable for pit bulls? Government controlled curriculums destroy everything good about humanity, and produce an intellectual vacuum in the minds of all but the most gifted children. I detest America for having brain washed us into accepting this tragic loss of potential. Nothing short of cowardice and stupidity made me a participant in this mind murder. I owe my daughters more than Bill Gates could afford to pay.

Who would love a country whose government is a front for a group of bankers who want to control the entire earth, by controlling the currency needed for commerce to exist, by controlling the intellectual development of each nations children, by controlling all information on earth, by controlling all of the food production, research, entertainment, medicine, religion, weather, life span, birth rate, death rate, leisure time, occupations, and every other facet of everyone life?

It’s time to wake up to the fact that a country is not a geographic location, a country is a set of principals that human beings understand from being educated, and intellectually developed from experience, and enforce on each other for the preservation of freedom. We the people are the country, and I don’t like us very much. I repent, and refuse to participate in the degradation of humanity anymore. I refuse to be a slave to any man, or government, and I most certainly refuse to remain ignorant of the things that could turn us into God fearing, productive, and loving human beings.

When we determine that we will no longer live near, worship with, obey, depend on, support, or in any other way associate with people whose ideological contradictions classify them as the scum of the earth, and demand our own geographical boundaries, form of government, and the ruling principals that our government and our society must adhere to, then I will return with great joy and participate in keeping us safe from harm.

The past actions of my Lord and my God have guaranteed me a future life of un-imaginable joy, why should I be so concerned with obedience to a despicable bunch of bankers? Those who love their life will lose it!


Militant Libertarian

Site owner, philosopher, certified genius, and general pain in the establishment's ass.

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Anne Cleveland

I agree with Militant Liberrtarian, this is a great article. I too have recently been re-thinking, and in the midst of writing articles, about it.

This article, :”!can see clearly now”, should be re-printed in phamplet form and passed out to all those carrying signs.
The author has obvioulsy stoped to re-think, and this is a time all Americans would benifit by following suit.

Thank you for this wonderful writing. Anne Cleveland

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