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How To Game PepsiCo’s Charity Giveaway Project

by Aaron Turpen, TrueMajority/MoveOn Scam

Here’s the email I received that literally floored me with it’s blatant disregard for the spirit behind Pepsi’s drive to “Refresh America.”

Your vote is worth 250,000 dollars
More than 1,000 groups are competing for grants from the Pepsi Refresh project. The top two will split a $500,000 prize.

Yes, we’re only three spots away from winning $250,000! We have 15 days left to get there. Can you help us reach our goal? Sign up to be one of our daily voters!

We’re part of a “Progressive Slate” of like-minded groups competing in a community contest called “Pepsi Refresh Everything.” If we get the most votes, we could win a $250,000 grant to launch a public education campaign about the new health care law.

To win, we need to get the most online votes throughout the month of September. We’re asking TrueMajority members like you to sign up to be a daily voter with the Progressive Slate. It’s fun, simple and it could help us raise $250,000 for a really important project. Sign up to be a daily voter here:

[Link Removed]

Our goal is to educate millions of people about their new right to health care coverage. But we can’t do that unless you vote for us each day this month.

Working with the other organizations on the slate, the “Pepsi Refresh Everything” contest is a huge opportunity to win BIG money for progressive causes.

My outraged response to these “progressive” hucksters:

The Pepsi Refresh Project is a charity contest that PepsiCo has been doing and launched in lieu of spending their usual millions on Super Bowl advertising.

Instead, Pepsi has created a group of monthly grants, at various sizes, to fund what people think they should fund. People in the community submit their ideas and other people vote on them. Grants range from $5,000 to $250,000. Examples of ideas include things like turning an abandoned garbage dump into a landscaped park, cleaning up city streets by revitalizing with paint and repairs, etc.

So what does TrueMajority, a huge, well-funded, leftist organization want with PepsiCo?

They want Pepsi to give them $250,000 to promote Obamacare. WHAT?

How is that “improving the community?”

It’s not. But since the socialists have a large number of followers willing to click on Internet sites so they can rob you blind for their redistribution schemes, they’re going to get away with it.

Now you know the evil we’re up against here, folks. These people don’t even respect a legitimate corporate charity trying to commit acts of goodness around the nation in individual communities, at the street level. Instead, they want to steal that charity money meant to help people have a little better life and usurp it for use in promoting their agenda.

Does this make you happy?


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Jan P

Thank you for noting this! This ‘progressive slate’ is unbelievable in their tactics. All 16 of their projects have taken over the pepsi grant board in all the top spots. They even blatantly declare they are going to do this every month the competition is on – they are prepared to swoop 8 million dollars from Pepsi and from good causes who really need the dollars.
See their comment here: Summary: :
“Led by the Center for Progressive Leadership, there is a group of 11 progressive non-profits who are joining together to compete for over $750,000 in funding in an online giving contest called Pepsi Refresh Everything. Moreover, if it works, CPL is going to put together slates for every month throughout the rest of the contest (which could mean raising over $8 million for progressive organizations….”
This contest was fun until all of this came down, now it is heartbreaking, and Pepsi is in a no-win situation. What a shame!…. oh I could tell you some stories about all this, but it would take far too long. Check it out for yourself. These guys are scary.

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