Militant Rants

Voting Out the Incumbents

In a recent article on Prison Planet by Paul Joseph Watson, the current total lack of public approval for the jackasses in Washington (Pelosi, Reid, Leiberman, McCain and so forth) is given as the reason the Tea Party candidates have been doing so well thus far.

I think everyone knows how I feel, but I’m gonna rant about it anyway.  Feel free to move on to other articles here on if you’ve read my missives before and aren’t interested in more of the same.  I realize that on the relatively rare occasions that I pen something here, I tend to pound the pulpit to the same tune.  Here’s something you don’t know… I’m considering doing it via podcast too.  We shall see.

Anyway, the gist of this screed I’m about to start dumping on you is this:

How the fuck does voting in more jackasses, no matter their pretended good intentions, fix the problems endemic with Washington, D.C., its associated Potomac Fever, and the failed idea of government itself?

When are you people going to realize that sending more asses and pachyderms to D.C. isn’t going to fix a damn thing?  Here’s something for you to finally get through your publik skeweled, thick skulls before you go waste more effort voting:

Most of the injuries caused by jackasses are to the farmers who feed them and most deaths by elephant happen to their handlers in the circus.

Since when do you think you’re in charge?  You haven’t been in charge since 1789 when the Constitution was passed and elitists like Hamilton gained control.  Wake the hell up, you dimwits!

I’ve been reading all of this garbage about Christine O’Donnell and Rand Paul and all the other Tea Party favorites that everyone thinks is going to play Mr. Smith Goes To Washington for them.

Sorry, folks, but if the one lone holdout stuttering Jimmy Stewart could really make a difference in Washington, Ron Paul would have already saved our asses.  He hasn’t.   So how does sending a handful more solve the problem?  The problem isn’t the type of people abusing the system at our expense.  The problem is the goddamned system itself.

Here, let me say that one more time, in plainer English.  I’ll throw in some more bold print and bright red lettering so it’ll burn into your McDonald’s-eating, soda drinking, Rush Limbaugh-listening, Glenn Beck-watching, addled brains:


Holy Dorothy and Toto, people, don’t you realize how utterly inane that idea is?  When your car gets a flat, do you use the steering wheel to replace the tire?  Not even MacGyver could do that, fartknocker.  So why would you try to fix the problems in our nation’s politics by sending more sons a bitching politicians to do it?

Jesus H. on a pogo stick!  Speaking of Jesus, someone tried to tell me (over on DumpDC) that God is self-evident because the Bible is self-evident, but only if you believe in the Bible before you read it.  That passes for philosophic logic, folks.  Socrates would have a good belly laugh over that guy.

“So, Mr. Militant Libertarian,” you’re now saying, “what do you propose to replace Washington with then?”

Glad you asked.  Maybe you’re not as dim-witted as I’d supposed.  Of course, you read my blog, so you must be at least above average. That goes double for anyone who clicks on the occasional advertisement link.

I propose two little words that change everything: personal responsibility.

Yeah, you heard right.  Not “secession” or “nullification” or any of the other Tea Party buzzwords being thrown around nowadays.  Those come later.  Before you can get anyone in your area to secede, you’re going to have to do it your damn self.

You, personally, are going to have to walk the fuck away from government.  Yep.  That includes you who’re living on Social Security and complaining about the state of the economy.  Oh yeah, you too, who’re getting that disability check that allows you to spend all day trolling the ‘net looking for political commentary to throw your egghead opinion at.

You’re going to actually have to walk away.  Not theoretically, but for real.  There are other options for you, believe me.  Here, I’ll outline a few for ya:

In my household is a woman, a baby, myself, some dogs, some cats, a couple of birds, etc.  I work from home and do double duty as daddy day care.  My wife prefers to not be in the house all the time, so she has a part-time job.  Together, we make what the federal government calls poverty level income.

Guess what?  We aren’t hungry, we aren’t cold, we own our own home, and we have two finely-functioning vehicles.  Why?  Because we aren’t stupid.  Our monthly outlay is less than $2,000 in total.  Yep, we could live just fine on $24,000/year with cash to spare – a job flipping burgers pays that much, people.

We can do this because we don’t have a McMansion, we don’t live in some stupid state that requires an income tax or in a city that has a huge property tax rate.  We don’t have car payments, credit card bills, a lot of square footage to heat and cool, etc.  We grow a lot of our own food, we know our neighbors, we spend time together without the lobotomy box, etc.

We made the decision a long time ago not to continue on the false American dream.  Instead, we worked hard to get our health (specifically my wife’s), to build a real life, and to move to where we knew we wanted to be with the lifestyle we could afford both physically and emotionally.

We’re as far out of the system as we can get without risking prison time.  We pay almost nothing to Washington because we don’t make enough for them to notice us.  We pay our $475/year property tax, register our vehicles, and pay our sales taxes (currently 4.6%).  Again, no state income tax.

We participate in local government only and don’t vote in national elections. Why?  Because voting for those “national leaders” only legitimizes them.  Make them illegitimate by walking away from them.  The only elected types worth dealing with are those local ones whose names you know and whose house you can drive to in less than a day.  Not the jackboots 2,000 miles distant.

The Baldwins in the link above are moving to Montana.  They’re doing something similar to what we did a few years ago when we moved here to Wyoming.  They’re getting out of the god-forsaken political desert that is most of the U.S. and heading for greener, freer pastures.

If you really give a shit about all of the freedom and liberty talk you’re reading here and on similar websites, then you’re doing or have already done the same.

If you’re still living on that disability check or waiting for your next welfare assistance or social security payment, then you really need to find a new hobby.  You don’t know jack shit about liberty.  You’re just another member of the theftocracy.  And don’t tell me about your woes and how you can’t work.  My wife qualifies for VA disability and we don’t take it.  So shove it up your ass and get a job, you worthless tit sucker.

Now go out and get some goddamned personal responsibility!