Fair Warning To The Collectivists

Posted: September 23rd, 2010 by Gadget42

from The Cliffs of Insanity

In light of the previous post regarding Fanya Kaplan and the chain of events she set off, on this day in 1918, I thought it was an appropriate time to post this. This was developed as a warning to those who may have … how shall we say, “drunk the Kool-Aid”.  It is a description of what your own will do to you.

To collectivists near and far, wherever you are and whatever you do; This letter is for you. This is not a threat. This is not a prediction. This is not a call to action. It is settled history that has been repeated many times. It has all happened before and will happen again. This time, it will happen to you.

Right now, things seem to be going pretty well for your side. Your President has rammed through a Health Care bill that will cover the nation with thousands of pages of legislation, regulation, taxation, and consternation that will last for decades. Because of the sheer volume of this bill, clever collectivists among you have even worked in requests and items that have absolutely nothing to do with health care.

Your friends wield power in both houses of Congress, the White House, and lack only another vote on the Supreme Court to hold all the levers of government power. You deem budgets to have been passed without so much as a vote. You can advocate for building a mosque on the hole in the ground where the world’s tallest buildings once stood and several thousand people died-then call for investigations into those who dare to disagree. All with no consequence.

Even better, your political appointees are rapidly filling up the ranks of civil service and unelected, unappointed, unaccountable Czars are pulling the levers-presumably outside the reach of any oversight.

Academia belongs to you without a doubt. Name a PhD who is not a liberal, and you could surely name a dozen others who are. You indoctrinate the children and train the teachers who teach the children.

In the media, your friends control all the major outlets and have the biggest megaphones and the biggest muzzles. You trumpet every lie you hear against your foes no matter how demonstrably false. Your journolists hide and ignore stories that tell the truth about your friends-carefully controlling the message and the narrative making sure no crisis is wasted.

In science, your friends “hide the decline” to preserve an outcome regardless of facts.

In the way of insolvent institutions, there’s Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Since entitlement spending has been declared mandatory, there’s apparently no way to ever decrease or slow the spending in those areas. The fact that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were run by your own friends who took bonuses while crashing those two entities is cute as well. However, an economic crash of unprecedented proportions is coming where every benefit paid to every person will either come to a screeching halt or be absolutely worthless. And yet it troubles none of you collectivists that these people who will be hurt hardest by this coming crash are your primary voting bloc.

In finance, your friends had the gall to hold a gun to Congress’ head and demand a bailout. We’d see tanks in the street if they weren’t bailed out immediately. No discussion or debate could be allowed. These crooks were rewarded for this extortion. Their losses were passed on to The Productive. Their guilt was applied to all banks who took the TARP money. And their crimes went unpunished. Better yet, those same financiers who are benefitting from 0% interest are refusing to actually loan that money to the same public whom they just soaked with the bailouts they were given. As a result of this criminal enterprise, capital has fled the markets and unemployment has soared. Worse, you and your friends threaten to increase taxes to satisfy the insatiable appetite for federal spending.

On the menu for tomorrow, you’ve already floated the possibility of the Government redirecting several trillion dollars worth of money from 401ks and IRAs into treasury bonds. Why? Because not even 100% taxation could satisfy the collectivists desires for money and power. Some wise people may instead choose to redirect their funds from those 401ks into simple bank accounts. When they do, they’ll take a huge tax hit as well as a penalty. Those poor souls who transfer from the 401k to the bank will be hosed one more time because when the banks go under, they’ll find out that FDIC really is insolvent (sorry, forgot to mention that earlier) and all those funds disappear as well.

Thanks to these victories, you stand poised to utterly eliminate The Productive as a force that you must reckon with.

And as if the decline of The Productive weren’t happening fast enough, in Port Chester, NY a judge recently awarded 6 votes to one person for Hispanics. A great trend you will certainly enjoy after some form of amnesty for illegal aliens is enacted. And it doesn’t hurt that the South-the primary opposition to your plans is still saddled with Section V of the Voting Rights act whereby they cannot even draw their own voting districts without approval from the Federal Government-yet another chance to dilute the opposition.

For all of you collectivists, I have bad news; The joke is on you.

As many portions of our society have been compromised and corrupted by your philosophy, you have it in your head that all opposition will be eliminated and you and your collectivist friends will be able to rule together forever in your collectivist utopia. You are the change you’ve waited for. You’re wrong.

In your lust to rule, you have unleashed a cult of personality that holds no ideal except himself alone.  He has no rules except, “win”.  He has no foes that he respects and no friends that he doesn’t consume.  Doubt me?  Consider Shirley Sherrod as the latest example.  Having decided to fire her, the White House didn’t invite her to have a beer in the garden and talk about race.  The President called her for 7 minutes and that was that.  They want this story to go away. The media-which furiously ran in circles trying to cover themselves on the “Sherrod story” is already done with her. Consider, Jeremiah Wright.  Obama needed street-cred to make it into power. To go any higher though, street cred was a liability, not an asset.  Once Obama became a US Senator and a player on the national scene, Wright’s utility ended.  Consider all of Obama’s documents. School records, passport, birth certificates, et al. Once he became President they were all effectively erased because their utility was ended. Consider the press themselves.  Having sold themselves out as journowhores to this man, they now petulantly demand their payment. For Obama, friends are only useful until victory is achieved.  Beyond that, they are rivals and competitors for attention, power, money, and glory.  Sic Semper Tyrannis. Understand Obama and you already know what the future holds.

When you take away or destroy the property, assets, hopes, dreams, and rights that The Productive have, then the only thing left is rage. The day is coming when this will be poured out by the bucketful. When that happens, you’ll kill a lot of The Productive. But they will also kill a lot of you. This bloodbath might trouble the conscience of honorable men. But then you are neither honorable, nor men. You have no thought that anyone might dare resist or that you might become a target yourself. This is not a threat. This is not a prediction. This is not a call to action. It is settled history that has been repeated many times. It has all happened before and will happen again. This time, it will happen to you.

As the open conflict begins to rage, your President will be just as pleased with your deaths as he will the deaths of The Productive. Publicly, he will shed tears at your funerals and console your families. Back at the house though, he’ll laugh at the instant replay with his friends.

You have sworn allegiance to an ideal. But the President you serve knows no other ideal than himself. You are not vital. You are expendable. You are pawns. Kings don’t mourn the loss of pawns.

For those of you who survive this conflict, I have even more bad news.

When all the dust settles and the last drops of blood trickle into the storm drains from the streets, you will hoist your cup in victory and glory. If you survive this long, the celebration will be short lived. Once your dear leader has used you to help eliminate a stout, principled, productive, armed opposition, he’ll have no trouble at all eliminating flaccid, unprincipled, unproductive, unarmed friends.

“But wait, I’m vital! I’m loyal because I stuck with the dear leader through the bloodiest part of the conflict. I’m reliable because I have done all manner of evil deeds in the name of the leader. I’m indispensable and powerful in the leader’s court!” You will protest all this to your dear leader. In so doing, you pronounce your own indictment. You’re a rival to him. The evil leader is bent on collecting all power to himself and will suffer no rival or challenge. Again, the joke’s on you. Any system that you were previously a part of-be it judicial, financial, legislative, academic, scientific, religious will be discarded as a result of the conflict with The Productive. Why? Because your dear leader himself is the system. You mean nothing. Your opinion is nothing. Your institutions and establishments are nothing. All that matters are the wishes of your dear leader himself. You exist solely to carry out his wishes in all areas of your life. That’s what you signed up for when you bowed yourselves to this cult of personality.

At that point, you will be eliminated not by your enemy (whom you claim to have defeated), but by your dear leader that you’ve sworn your life to. This is not a prediction. This is not a call to action. This is history that has all happened before and will happen again. This time, it will happen to you.

Hitler rose to power on the backs of the SA. Once in power, their utility was finished and they were a threat to overthrow him. He cleaned them out. Lenin and Stalin both carried out internal purges of many who were close to them and instrumental in helping to form the Soviet Union. Mao began a cultural revolution in the 1960s that killed God only knows how many “loyal communists” who just happened to be rivals of Mao’s. Saddam Hussein and other tyrants like him have had similar purges on smaller scales to ensure that loyalty and allegiance are sworn not to an ideal, but to the leader himself. Your dear leader will laugh as you and your families are put to death and then send your surviving relatives a bill for the bullets. His only goal is power, glory, and adulation for himself. This is not a prediction. This is not a call to action. This is history that has all happened before and will happen again. This time, it will happen to you.

And if you should come to your senses and struggledear leader, who will you turn to in that day to help you? If you survive, you’re an accomplice to the death of The Productive. Any of The Productive who survive will be down low, well-armed, wily, and suspicious. Do you expect to receive help from them? You urinate on the graves of our Founding Fathers. You defecate on the ideals of liberty and freedom and wipe your butt with the Constitution that those founders bled and died for. You have no lofty ideals that you can invoke to generate support or even a basis for your emerging struggle against your dear leader. If you are able to replace your dear leader at all, you will replace him with another-even more brutal cult of personality. Good luck with that.

If you come to your senses at all, it must be now. While there is still daylight, you can renounce your misdeeds, beg forgiveness for the nation and people you have betrayed, and go home to find honest, productive work to prevent this from happening.

If you do not come to your senses, then you will ultimately die by your own dear leader’s hand, whining your innocence before your executioners. You’ll shout your support for the dear leader, begging for your life. With your last breath, you’ll curse the day that you heard and ignored this truth. This is not a threat. It is not a prediction. It is not a call to action. It is settled history that has been repeated many times. It has all happened before and will happen again. This time, it will happen to you.


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