Freedom Discussions

The State Trembles in Fear

by Karen Kwiatkowski, LRC

Mike Hayden, former head of NSA and former CIA Director, insists that the US President MUST be able to shut down the internet in case of an emergency. This weekend, we heard that the Pentagon bought up all of Lt Col Anthony Schaffer’s Operation Dark Heart and destroyed itbecause it had lots of bits that would reveal too much about what the US government is doing and authorizing in Afghanistan. And who can forget the DoD apoplexy brought on by Wikileaks! And did you see the one about the US government Going Dark program to ensure it can decrypt and wiretap everything we do, say, and share on the internet! This, dear freedom-loving Americans, is the context for another funny headline: “White House invokes state secrets privilege to block targeted killings suit” Why, those boys and girls in DC are just like us! They just want to be left alone, to conduct their business and nurture their friendships, to make their way in the world without having someone always looking over their shoulder, and judging them. It’s actually kind of sweet, don’tcha think?