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They’re Still Gaming It In the Name of “Healthcare Reform”

from The MoveOn/TrueMajority Scam

Here’s what they sent today:
LAST CHANCE: Vote to support healthcare reform

We’re now within a few votes of winning a $250,000 grant from Pepsi to
spread the word across America about the new healthcare benefits which
just took effect. Among more than 1,000 groups, we might actually win
this thing because of support from people like you!

In the “Pepsi Refresh Everything” contest, we’ve climbed from sixth place to second place in the final week. With only hours remaining, we’re in position to pull off a huge victory for the progressive movement.

But in order to make the leap to #1, we need folks like you to *keep
voting* today and tomorrow. Voting ends at midnight on Sept. 30th.

Click below to cast your vote today and help make this healthcare campaign a reality!

[Don’t bother clicking here, I’ve removed the link]

My response to TrueMajority which is a majority party of hypocritical jackasses:

Hey, buttnuggets! WTF? Pepsi’s charity plan isn’t for big, well-funded, leftist organizations like you to carjack for your own devices. They’re to fund GRASSROOTS (meaning real) charity and community organizing. Sorry, but “Commy” and “Community” aren’t the same.

Here’s something someone was nice enough to post on my original re-post of my first expose of your b.s. on my other site

She exposes your hypocrisy with links to your own “screw the corporation” claims! Jan P’s comment:

Thank you for noting this! This ‘progressive slate’ is unbelievable in their tactics. All 16 of their projects have taken over the pepsi grant board in all the top spots. They even blatantly declare they are going to do this every month the competition is on – they are prepared to swoop 8 million dollars from Pepsi and from good causes who really need the dollars.

See their comment here: Summary:

“Led by the Center for Progressive Leadership, there is a group of 11 progressive non-profits who are joining together to compete for over $750,000 in funding in an online giving contest called Pepsi Refresh Everything. Moreover, if it works, CPL is going to put together slates for every month throughout the rest of the contest (which could mean raising over $8 million for progressive organizations….”

This contest was fun until all of this came down, now it is heartbreaking, and Pepsi is in a no-win situation. What a shame!…. oh I could tell you some stories about all this, but it would take far too long. Check it out for yourself. These guys are scary.