Blasting a Neocon Butthead (now with video!)

Posted: October 3rd, 2010 by Militant Libertarian

I’m told by Dale Williams at Free West Radio that he’ll be reading this on the air on Monday.

This was written and sent in response to an email that’s being forwarded around with a pretend speech by Patton regarding the “Ground Zero Mosque” and the “Muslim problem” in general.  I won’t bother reprinting that portion of the email, as it’s just more “forward and feel patriotic” garbage anyway.

Here’s my rant:

The Ground Zero “Mosque” is being funded by Rupert Murdoch and Prince Whassname, the two largest shareholders of FOX News.  All of this is coming to a head right around election time.  Gee… wonder what it’s for?  Really?

Anyone who pays attention will see that this crap happens every year.  Some huge “controversy” to galvanize the troops and make sure the votes are Repub/Demo and are all about some divisive issue that will surely get all of them riled up on both sides.

Obama had blackness and healthcare reform and McCain had “anyone but Obama” and “stay the course” on the wars.  GW and Gore had the “wartime president” and “lets green tax everything.”  It’s all a sham.

2012 will have Obama the “if we let them in, it’ll take away our new healthcare.. oh, and I’m still black” versus some neo-con nutcase warmonger (probably Palin) with the “stay the line” and “kill the Islamofascists.”

Meanwhile, the Banksters still run the show and keep us all under their thumbs.

How many evil Islamist Killers were here before we got involved in the Middle East?  Before 1991, we had exactly… NONE.  How many terrorist attacks on American soil before Bush Sr. started embargoes after trouncing Saddam and his armies that year?  NONE, ZERO, ZILCH.

But hey, we’re the good guys, so they’re supposed to LIKE that we are starving their women and children, bombing them indiscriminately, and paying private contractors to murder whole villages.

Let me tell you something, [name removed].  If they were pulling that shit here on American soil against my family, I’d go terrorist in a heartbeat and would be first in line to tote a rifle, carry a backpack bomb, or whatever it took to show those assholes they can’t do that to us and get away with it.

One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist.  It’s all about who has the better press agent.  The faster you anti-Islam dumbasses understand that, the sooner we can actually fix this problem instead of perpetuating it ad infinitum.  Sorry to intrude some actual libertarian thought onto your warmonger parade.  But I’m afraid WE punched THEM first, so this isn’t “self defense” on our part.  It’s murder.  Plain and simple.  And your advocating it.  Remember the ZAP principle?  At all?

I suspect that Patton’s words would be much different than those in the farce written below.  Patton knew what WWII was all about, but he had to finish the war to figure it out.  He then went against all that he saw was wrong.  So they killed him.  Just like they killed Kennedy right after signing Pres Order 11000.  Just like they whacked Lincoln after the Civil War when he started coming out against the debt banks.  Just like they tried to knock of Andrew Jackson, the only president in our history to have NO national debt and to abolish central banking.  Just like they took a shot at Ronnie when he kept going with his (true) conservative plans to dismantle uber-government and move away from the Federal Reserve.

Welcome to Amerika, a subsidiary of the World Bank.  Keep playing their games, [name removed].  You’ve bought right into them.


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