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RFID in H&K handguns

by Quiet Casino Goon, Defcon Forum

Knowing how many firearms owners there are here, I’m suprised no one has brought this up yet.

Anyway, it appears Heckler & Koch is imbedding RFIDs in their handguns.
It’s unknown when they started doing this, but it’s being assumed it started about one to three years ago for military/government/law enforcement end user handguns.
A few law enforcement packaged handguns were sold to civilians in the USA early this year and that’s when non-government people started to notice them.

So far, the RFID or RFID cutout has been found in the following Heckler & Koch handgun models: USP Compact, P-2000, P-30, HK-45 and HK-45C.

The Heckler & Koch HK-45 manual is reported to have a section which reads “Transponder (Optional)- Internal (molded-in) electronic data storage device. Permits permanent and changeable data storage on pistol by operator, armorer.”

So far, reactions from the firearms community ranges from “B.S. it’s not real” to “relax, it’s for inventory control” to “break out the tinfoil hats, the black helocopters are coming”.

Interesting ain’t it, makes me go “hmmmmm… what can i do with this.”

H&K P-2000 RFID

H&K USP Compact RFID

H&K HK-45C RFID slot

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