Fighting Back

Tim Berners-Lee Comes Out Against COICA Censorship Bill; Shouldn’t You?

by Shelly Roche,

Here’s the latest on COICA, Washington’s latest attempt to wedge itself between you and the internet:

From Techdirt:

We’ve already discussed what a dreadful bill the “Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act,” (COICA) bill would be. It’s an effort to censor the internet without due process. As we recently discussed, similar laws in the past would have banned pretty much every new entertainment technology in the past century.

And yet… this bill has a lot of political clout behind it and it’s moving fast (even as the bill’s main sponsors are speaking out against censorship in other countries, they support it at home). Unfortunately, there really hasn’t been that much open discussion about the bill. Supporters seem to think it’s a foregone conclusion that it will pass, and it’s moving quickly (it’s schedule for a vote in committee this week). Senators who are supporting the bill have claimed that they’ve heard no objections to the bill, despite the widespread discussions online about how problematic it is.


Due to public outrage, it looks like COICA has been temporarily tabled until after the elections. Read the latest here.