Fighting Back

Masks of Deception in Midterm Elections – The Con Game Will Continue & Conditions Worsen

by Freedom Lady, Octogenerians Blog

Just a couple of weeks until that greatly anticipated midterm election. If you are one of those believing there’s some kind of magic bullet in that voting booth, brace yourself for disappointment. Once the euphoria dies down shortly after November 2nd, then what?

It really does not matter very much which candidate is elected. I have said so many times in so many ways in my articles, we cannot vote ourselves out of that which we voted ourselves into. The answer to the dilemma we find ourselves in currently, that is living in a country which has adopted almost all the basic tenets of Socialism, the mixed bag of both Fascism and Communism, with a small degree of individual Freedom and a small percentage of private property ownership in that mixed bag.

Surely, most must recognize by now that political government is a con game, keep your eye on this ball while others are in the air. All with one purpose, control to steal wealth. And control is accomplished with doles. However it is difficult for the majority to believe this.

Electing a new batch of politicians, or reinstating the usual ones, really does not matter. I got a kick out of a recent remark from a gentleman who said, “I do not belong to any organized political party, I’m a Republican.” It’s difficult to determine who’s more in disarray, Democrats, Republicans or Independents. However, beneath their apparent confusion, underneath the surface, one thing remains a constant: All want the power over your life to control and take your property.

Daily, we hear so many expounding upon various theories, to explain to us what the problem is. Some say it is an economic problem, some say it is an educational problem, some say it’s a housing or job problem. Some say it’s an immigration problem. Some say it’s a Muslim or terrorist problem. An on and on infinitum, everyone has their own notion as to just what the problem is. It is all of these things and more. But these are only symptoms of the core problem.

It cannot be resolved politically, because it is not a political problem, it is a Moral problem. And the immorality lies in the system of thievery, this country has adopted line, hook and sinker. The answer lies in the question: Is it ok and acceptable to steal? Specifically, is it ever ok to take property which belongs to an individual, against the Will of the owner? Under any circumstances can it be justified? If stealing is wrong, are there any exceptions, in human behavior, which could classify the act as being Right?

Taxes by definition are an involuntary relinquishment of one’s property. Some may argue it’s ok for the government to take some under some circumstances, and lie by saying “I don’t mind paying taxes.” But they are simply not being honest with themselves. They are in denial.

Condoning robbery in any form is an attempt to sanction thievery, when everything in Universal Law and common sense informs us it is wrong, no matter how it’s wrapped and presented. No matter the mask of do-goodism it is packaged in. No matter the coin of exchange, no matter the label, title, or excuse, taking the property against the will of the owner is wrong, hence immoral.

Accordingly, the question is, how can anyone justify thievery? Where in the natural order of rational thinking, can it be determined as being Right, when everything in the Universe and morality of man tells us it is wrong? Even a child knows stealing is wrong. So why is it that learned, educated men and women accept it, and find excuses to participate in this system of thievery that every man, woman and child in this country are so profoundly affected by?

The problem is not political, it is a problem of morality. Therefore how can anyone expect to solve the problem and crisis this Nation is in politically?

For example, much is in the news lately about members of Congress recessing, going home without addressing the expiration of the so-called Bush Tax cuts which expire by January 1st. So many stewing and fuming because it was not addressed before the recess. It was not addressed so the politicians could do precisely what their bottom line is always concerned with first and foremost, and that is getting into office and staying in office. Because Democrats hold the balance of power and some are up for reelection, it would certainly not be beneficial help for reelection by voting on the tax bill before this midterm election.

Because the same number of Democrats will still be in power after this November election, until January, and the tax cuts expire in January, they had nothing to gain by voting on the bill before the election.

Politicians always act in their best interest and not yours. Because the same regime has been in power the past two years, taking this country down the road of Socialism at a rapid pace and accruing so much indebtedness, the next step is confiscation of America’s saving wealth by taking over their savings plans, IRAs and 401K.

This is not to say, the ones now in power are the only ones who have led this great country of capitalistic free-enterprise, down this road of destruction. It all began with others in Republican and Democratic regimes. It was expedited by the current crop of politicians.

If you are placing your hopes for a better America and a return to a system we once knew, after the election in two weeks, brace yourself for disappointment, because it matters not if your candidate is elected or the other one. Once they go to Washington, they are all so seduced by the power over your life to take your property [money] they join in the political game of thievery, and the destruction of this great country as we once knew it continues and will not be reversed after the next election.

We have failed the great moral guides of the Ten Commandments, and the Declaration of Independence. It was the terms in these great moral Guides which formed this Nation, and they have been violated and ignored, because the foundation of the Principles in these documents is what formed this nation. Specifically, the Right of personal Freedom and Private property ownership. They are absolutes, and there is no substitute. Only another system quite different – bondage.

Before going to the polls in a couple of weeks, think about what you are doing, and what you want and what it is you expect. Then stop and think about, just how realistic your expectations are.

Already for everyone to see and hear, we witness the mud-slinging, name calling, lying and conniving of politicians so seduced by the power of politics, they stoop to any level to be elected. Once elected, do they take the high ground of morality, and refuse to participate in the system of thievery? No, they do not. Any expectations to the contrary is a fool’s paradise mentality. Why? Because the crisis we face in this country is not a political problem, it is a moral problem. This is now a country steeped in the immorality of thievery, and only continues to mire deeper and deeper into it.