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Iran Brokers Iraqi Government Deal

from My Thoughts on Freedom

So let’s see, the Iraq War cost us $740B along with 4,500 dead and 32,000 wounded American troops. Meanwhile Russia andChina get the oil and now it appears that Iran will become a power broker for who controls the Iraqi government. But hey, at least we rid them of Saddam and those deadly WMD’s.

Guardian UK

Iran has brokered a critical deal with its regional neighbours that could see a pro-Tehran government installed in Iraq, a move that would shift the fragile country sharply away from a sphere of western influence.

The Guardian can reveal that the Islamic republic was instrumental in forming an alliance between Iraq’s Nouri al-Maliki, who is vying for a second term as prime minister, and the country’s powerful radical Shia cleric leader, Moqtada al-Sadr.

The deal – which involved Syria, Lebanon’s Hezbollah and the highest authorities in Shia Islam – positions Maliki as a frontrunner to return as leader despite a seven-month stalemate between Iraq’s feuding political blocs.

It also positions Iran as a potent buffer to US interests at a time when America is looking to change its relationship with Iraq from military overlords to civilian partners.

Seriously though, if this doesn’t highlight why we need to restrain from intervention in the affairs of other nations, nothing will. The Neo-Cons sold us a bill of goods by offering the myth that we would be repaid with oil money and that bringing our brand of democracy to the region would help to stabilize it. Instead, two of our biggest competitors for oil win the rights to produce it and the government who is least the friendly towards us in the region gets to determine who runs the show.

Talk about unintended consequences.