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Victory Number One in Edgar Steele Case: Cyndi Can Visit Her Husband

by Deborah Dupre, Examiner

In a murder-for-hire, targeted Individual couple case involving the FBI, yesterday, the Court granted Cyndi Steele’s Motion to Vacate the No Contact Order in part, allowing her to see her husband, a rights defender exposing human trafficking, now in solitary confinement for state accused attempted murder of his wife with a WMD, a pipe-bomb. Some people, on both the left and right, view the case to be a Cointelpro operation to neutralize Steele, as his attorney recently alluded outside the courthouse, winning a round of applause.

Although stringent visitation conditions exist, Mrs. Steele is grateful for contact with her husband, Edgar Steele, about family business and for the isolation known to all Targeted Individuals, to be eased.

Mr. Steele, a First Amendment lawyer, is presently alone in a cell, without human contact except when allowed: 1) mail, restricted from regular mail privileges to post cards, most rejected and returned to sender; 2) visits from five people designated by Edgar, in a booth separating him, with communications with the visitor and audio/video device monitoring and recording; 3) telephone contact with a broader range of persons, only in 14 minute segments by collect calls, very expensive (part of the private contractor lucrative US prison industry); and 4) visits from his lawyer.

Repeatedly, Mrs. Steele has stated that she does not believe her husband was involved in a plot to kill her. (See press conference video aired on KREM below, Murder -for-hire suspects wife speaks publicly for first time today.) Mr. Steele has been exposing human trafficking, the illegal trade in human beings, mainly women and children for commercialsexual exploitation or forced labor: modern-day slavery. It is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world; tied with the illegal arms industry as second largest, after the drug-trade. (Wikipedia)

A U.S. Department of Justice July, 2008 study indicates that over 30 percent of all trafficking cases that year were children coerced into the sex industry.( States State Department data estimates that 600,000 to 820,000 men, women, and children are trafficked across international borders annually, mainly for sexual exploitation; approximately 80% are women and girls; and up to 50 percent are minors.

Edgar Steele was on the verge of exposing the link used by Sovic money interests that steal thousands from older Americans drawn into the Russian Bride scam, Mr. Steele’s attorney, Mr. Wesley Hoyt told the writer, explaining that the Slovic block of mafia have perfected the art of slave trade to a new high-tech level.

“As soon as Ed, author of one book, Defensive Racism, said the word, there is a book in this bride scam business. He went from merely on the watch list, to being set up with a pipe bomb placed under his wife’s car by the handyman and then blamed, as if he was the mastermind in a plot to kill his wife and mother-in-law,” stated Hoyt.

According to James Buchanan on David Duke’s website, Steele had “planned to become more politically active – even running for political office.”

Isolation and death for exposing high-level corruption

Mr. Hoyt told the Examiner, “The problem is that there is no organization to help [Targeted Individuals] because people are afraid and silenced by these murderers, like Aaron Russeau, the movie producer of Freedom to Fascism who was killed by induced cancer.

“I read Heike Sura Painter’s letter, seeing how isolated she is and wishing I could help. Isolation is just exactly what the conspiracy wants,” stated Hoyt. (See: Dupre, D.,Let’s kill all the good guys – National Human Rights | Aug 29, 2010)

Painter is the Targeted Individual who wrote to President Obama requesting that he halt the widespread torture an assassination attacks on innocent listed people, offering to help him, and vowing to copy the letter to other nation’s leaders due to the extremist nature of the crime.

The two Idaho Targeted Individuals have been unable to speak to each other since June with one exception, a supervised visit in th presence of Mr. Steele’s attorney.

Hoyt told the human rights national news Examiner yesterday, “The point is that part of the KGB Playbook that the Government is following requires that the Targeted Individual be isolated, so that people cannot get their cards and letters through to bring him hope.”

Hoyt suggests that people who want to show support for Ed write to him c/o a designated recipient who can open the letters and “so that Cyndi can tell Ed about the volume of support and the outpouring of empathy from the outside world.

“Even though he cannot receive the letters himself, he will know that the world has not forgotten him. When I have spoken to him I have told him that his friends are still his friends and they still love him.”

Most women do not want to speak with the alleged perpetrator of crime against them. In the September 20, 2010 Press Conference, however, it is clear Mrs. Steele believes her husband is innocent and that he has been set-up.

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