Liberty Commentary

Why Do You Vote? Stop – Think – and Reconsider Consequences of Your Actions

by Freedom Lady, Octogenerians Blog

The question is why do you vote? Never in the history of this nation has the importance of that question been greater, than it is today.

My television remains on most of the time, in a room I walk past several times a day, and frequently hear bits and pieces of conversation. Yesterday walking past, I heard President Obama screaming out to a crowd of young voters, to mail in your absentee ballot, do it today!!!

Several things popped into my mind simultaneously. First the fear of politicians that there will be a low voter turn-out, hence the frenzy to get it in the mail today. Secondly, recalling Hitler rounding up voters with armed guards in large trucks to take to polls, and forced to vote at the end of a rifle. And thirdly, voting is disguised coercion.

The American people have been brainwashed into believing that voting is the patriotic thing to do, and an imperative to one’s patriotism to place a stamp of approval upon some politician. And a duty to place a stamp of approval on another human being to have power over your life to take your property. And take the property from others for your benefit.

If it’s the Right and correct thing to do why is it politicians must buy, beg and steal to entice you to vote? Why the millions and millions spent on advertising, the lies and false promises by politicians for your stamp of approval via one vote?

It was the cry of Pharaoh, for all one’s money, all one’s land, and subservience forever from constituents of his time.

The great Frenchman, Fredrich Bastiat, writes in his book, The Law: “The few plunder from the many, the many plunder from the few, and everyone plunders from everyone.” How is this accomplished, if not by voting some into power over all?

I can understand the frustrations and concerns of the American populace relative to the dire ditch this once great Nation is currently in. What I’m unable to grasp is this notion of doing the same thing over, which caused us to be in this worst crisis this country has ever faced before, when it is so simple, anyone with one eye and half sense to see that we the people voted ourselves into this ditch. And still being doodle-bugged into believing the thing one can and must do to get us out is cast a vote again.

When you vote, you sanction the power of politician to take your property [money] and rule your life. What would happen if everyone refrained from voting? If individuals withdrew their power from the plunderers to steal and loot?

The first time in my life I have ever seen and heard a president of the United States, screaming, flailing his arms and demanding his listeners to vote abnsentee TODay!! The desperation for the stamp of approval for all he is doing and has done to this country and the American people, destroying personal Freedom and private property ownership Rights, was so glaringly apparent in his speech yesterday. Yelling to the people what he must have to continue.

Instead of asking yourself, “What can I do, as one individual, to change the direction this country is headed?” Why not ask yourself, “What is it I can stop doing?”

If you’d like to see the band of thieves and masters of deceit running around like a chicken with its head cut off, withdraw your stamp of approval and ignore, and watch the feathers fly.

Recognize where your power lies, not in your stamp of approval, but in your withdrawal of the energy which promotes this system of plunder, and bondage.

Never was the requirement for your approval, via your vote, so desperately wanted, and intensely demanded, as in the speech by the president of the United States yesterday, telling the crowd not to wait until November 2nd to vote, but go home and do it now by absentee ballot!!!

Yes, voting is disguised coercion, an attempt to force others to use their power over all to take from haves to give to have nots, and rake from the top, any amount they want to sustain their lifestyle of luxury. Reminding the reader, President Obama told the Plumber he was for “re-distribution.” Re-distribution of what? Your property.

I can certainly appreciate the feelings of so many, relative to voting. I grew up in a family where politics were always discussed and on election years, those of voting age lined up at the polls with everyone else in the county. Most of us ingrained with this idea, voting is a Right, voting is a privilege, voting is a duty and if one does not bother to vote they deserve anything they get. In other words, a stigma was attached to not voting when one was eligible to vote.

But we are living in a different time, an era where the very foundational principles upon which this Great Nation was formed is in jeopardy, and it is the elected politicians who have so drastically changed everything. The 335 congressmen, the executive branch, and all those they have appointed to positions of power to carry out their agenda of Socialist programs, both Fascist and Communist, with the basic tenets of marxism at the core.

Political voting is a very personal, deliberate choice of action an individual makes. I would urge each potential voter to stop, think, and reconsider the consequences of the action.