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Yet another deadly gun-free zone

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by Blaine Nay, C4L

Once again, two gunmen have proven the absolute folly of “gun-free” zones such as schools, churches, federal buildings, court houses, post offices, and even military installations. This week, the “gun-free” killing zone was a post office in Henning, Tennessee.

Ironically, post offices, where this shooting occurred, are well-known for being excessively restrictive on firearms in the hands of responsible people — even employees and patrons who have been trained in the safe use of firearms and who have been certified by the FBI and their States as responsible, law-abiding persons.

Weapons and explosives. No person while on postal property may carry firearms, other dangerous or deadly weapons, or explosives, either openly or concealed, or store the same on postal property, except for official purposes. — Postal Regulation 39 CFR 232.1(l)

How were two miscreants able to gun down two defenseless women? Because policy- and law-makers seem to believe that regulating an inert piece of steel and plastic somehow makes criminals behave! Because the government thinks its better to keep it’s citizens unarmed!

Unfortunately, like all restrictions on law-abiding people, this ban does not affect criminal behavior — it only leaves responsible people defenseless. I cannot understand why creators of “gun-free” zones don’t understand that simple concept. Those who favor and establish gun-free zones need to rationally reconsider their restrictions on the right of good people to defend themselves.

The courts, including the US Supreme Court, have repeatedly ruled that the police have no obligation to protect individuals or even groups. In fact, it is not reasonable or wise to expect them to do so. Violent crimes are typically over long before police have a chance to respond as was the case in today’s tragedy. All the cops can do is collect evidence and maybe find the attacker. Additionally, we don’t want a nation where police are so prevalent that they can stop all crime before it happens.

One of our most basic human rights is our right to protect ourselves and our families from harm. “Gun-free” zones (ie military installations, most schools, most churches, federal buildings, many businesses, and even court houses) by definition deprive law-abiding citizens of the most effective means of self-protection — a gun. These disarmed potential victims are left completely vulnerable to attack by those who, by definition, disobey laws such as gun bans.

Experience and reason clearly indicate that “gun-free” zones do nothing but assure criminals and terrorists that they will find unarmed victims defenseless against a homicidal rampage. The only people who have guns in “gun-free” zones are criminals, members of the elite (who create special rules for themselves so they can carry a gun or have armed bodyguards) and maybe a cop or two.

I can’t quite decide whether “gun-free” zones are an illusion or an hallucination. But I do know they are evil. I hold the authorities who establish “gun-free” zones just as accountable for the deaths and injuries as the shooter himself. It is reckless and foolish to assume that disarming good people causes bad people to behave as they should. It is my firm opinion that any person, government, agency, business, school, church, or any other entity that creates a “gun-free” zone must also provide absolute security and safety for all who enter therein.

Utah’s legislature is one of countless government entities that have established “gun-free” zones and/or have provided for businesses, churches, and government agencies to establish “gun-free” zones. I believe every State legislature and Congress must promptly pass legislation requiring all entities that establish “gun-free” zones also provide absolute security to include armed guards and full screening for weapons.

We must no longer tolerate any attempts to disarm law abiding citizens with silly schemes that criminals will never obey. Tragically, there will be shootings in “gun-free” zones again, but they will happen with, or without any gun laws anyone can think of. Disarming victims is not the solution! Fortunately, enlightened businesses understand that simple fact.





gun-free zones don’t mean anything. it’s a sign. just like a speed limit sign doesn’t stop you from speeding. fewer guns not more is what we need. i work at a post office and i sure as hell don’t want half the idiots there carrying guns. you really want to get rid of crime then get rid of guns. quit making the damn things. our society isn’t responsible enough to be given that right.

John and Dagny Galt

because spoons make people fat and shovels make them fatter…hahaha!

matches make forest fires and gasoline burns down buildings.

pencils make stupid comments and pens make them more stupid.

and without toilets there would be no swirlies.

those that beat their swords into plows…will plow for those who didn’t

go figure…


Starving The Monkeys and Ending The Looterfest,
John and Dagny Galt
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