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"Voting is Force and Fraud"

This was originally published on June 19, 2004.  It was brought to my attention again by Gadget42.  It’s a great illustration of how far I’ve come.  In 2004, I still thought voting could fix the problem.  Oh how far I’ve come…


Recently, in an email forum, I chimed in on the tired old “voting is force and fraud” debate. Here’s the post I responded to followed by my response.

Rubbish. When a libertarian votes, he *plays the force-initiator’s game*.

“DC? We’re having a vote to steal you stuff!”

DC: “Uh, OK. I vote ‘no’.”

Now, are you going to *abide by the results if you lose*?

Why do you play games that you *know* are rigged against you? Is it genetic stupidity? I’m at a total loss figuring out why libertarians still play the vote game when it is ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that the mob votes in excess of 90% for commie redistributionist candidates in EVERY ELECTION.

The only proper, moral response to an election in which your rights are to be submitted to mob-approval is “stuff your ‘vote’.”

STOP voting and START organized civil disobedience.

10,000 disobedient libertarians — when will I see the day?


This is the oldest, dumbest, and by the far most lame-assed debate topic in all of libertarian/archistic thought.

Anarchists all say “don’t vote.” That’s to be expected – voting implies government, anarchists don’t believe in government. Libertarians tend to vascillate, depending on whether that libertarian is a closet anarchist or not.

To not vote in today’s system is to say “to hell with it, let them do what they will to me, my children, my family, and everyone else.” I see fraud being perpetrated there. The fraud being that you’re telling people that if they don’t vote, they can somehow “opt out” of the system because they “aren’t part of it.”

Go ahead, opt out of the next election and when the new laws come down on your head from those you didn’t vote for, don’t obey those laws. I’m sure the judge will love your argument and you’ll get plenty of press…as the “kook” and “wacko” who thinks that since he didn’t vote, he gets to disobey “the Law.”

Real intelligent there.

Here’s what I’m doing: I vote in every election, every primary, and I attend the conventions and caucuses of every viable political party (meaning “on the ballot”) in my area. I insinuate my libertarian ideas into those meetings and choose the candidate who best exemplifies what I’d like to see. Then I vote.

I also keep in practice with various military-style weapons and keep myself up-to-date on national and world news. I write letters to the editor (that get published!), work in community activism, etc. I keep friends around me who think the same way and do the same things.

All of this means I’m informed, active, and dangerous to the establishment.

We disdain “libertarians” and “anarchists” who sit around gabbing about the fine points of their respective philosophies and do nothing more than “what if” about the future. We DO something about the future. Do you?

Voting isn’t just a duty, it’s self defense!


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