When All Else Fails

Colombia’s President Gives Happy News About Prop 19

by Aaron Turpen, CannaCentral

Although he didn’t mean it that way, Colombia’s President says that if California’s Proposition 19 passes, it could force nations worldwide to rethink their anti-drug policies.  He, of course, meant this as a threat to the War on (some) Drugs.

Some of us might see it a little differently.  You know, as a threat to the War on (some) Drugs.

You see, President Santos says that if the “peasant” who is growing marijuana is arrested and they tell him they’re going to throw him in jail, someone is going to have to explain to that plebe why it is that he’s being jailed even though it’s legal in other places.

That, of course, could cause the rabble to get angry.  Il Presidente may have a problem then.  After all, he can’t rescind the drug war or he’ll lose all of that great military gadgetry the U.S. sends him.  But if he doesn’t, he might face an angry mob at his doorstep.  Rock and a hard place for his honor to be stuck between there.

This could mean that President Santos might become one of the first victims of Proposition 19, should it pass.  Citizens, I implore you: please remember this poor leader and his goons friends before you vote on November 2!  He has a wife, children, harem, and lackeys to feed!  Don’t throw them all to the street or worse!

[source All Headline News]