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Colorado Springs Decides How to Spend MMJ Windfalls: More Marijuana Cops

by Aaron Turpen, CannaCentral

In a twist that should surprise no one familiar with how governments operate, the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado has announced that they may fund a new police unit using taxes on medical marijuana businesses.  The unit, which would be part of the Colorado Springs Police Department, would be tasked with monitoring MMJ businesses.

The city is seeing about $50,000 a month in sales tax revenues from MMJ and has decided to use the money to give something back.. to the police department, anyway.

The new unit would be comprised of three detectives and a code enforcement officer as part of a new medical marijuana team in 2011.  The proposed budget, which includes this new addition, is awaiting City Council approval.  The team would be a subdivision of Metro Vice, Narcotics and Intelligence.

The Police Chief, of course, is excited about adding more officers to his lineup.  Anything that makes a government agency larger must be good.  Right?  Citing “safety” and “quality of life” (things all police departments everywhere in the world are well known for) the chief said the new additions would be good for “other crimes” too.

Crimes like assaulting senior citizens at a Saint Patrick’s Day Paradebeating up people who film them committing acts of brutality, and tasering grandfathers in their own homes.

Ya, we can trust them to deal fairly with medical marijuana dispensaries and patients.

To quote John Stossel: Gimme a break.

[source ABC7 News]