USA: Police State

Weekly Roundup of Cop Crimes

by Anok Black, Cop Block

Given the rate at which cops are beating, raping, and murdering people, it’s difficult for Cop Block to keep up with each and every incident.  Much of the brutality doesn’t get the attention it deserves. You might not have known, for example, about the Boise cop who was sentenced last month for sexually assaulting up to twenty infants and toddlers, or the deputy who was found guilty of repeatedly molesting a 9-yr-old girl, or the cop who stalked, strangled, stripped, and murdered a womanbefore dragging her dead body into the woods, or the cop whose girlfriend had to get a restraining order on him for abusing her, threatening to murder her, and urinating on her infant while drunk. And so on ad infinitum.

Since there isn’t enough time to devote a blog entry to each event, agglomerating them in rapid succession is the other option. The Roundup below will give you an idea. Cop Block will be providing these every week from now on; hence the new feature. [Edit by Anok: David at Injustice Everywhere is the person who finds the daily updates — without his work tracking these down, we wouldn’t be able to provide the Weekly Roundups, so please visit Injustice Everywhere and consider donating to keep this invaluable service going.] Also, be sure to see the “further reading” and resources affixed to the end of each week’s Roundup. These are provided for educational purposes.

It is with great sorrow for the all victims whose stories won’t receive the national attention they should, that we now provide CB’s Cop Crimes – Weekly Roundup for October 13-19, 2010. The events below occurred just in the last week:

Riverside CA police officer guilty of molesting child multiple times for two years

Henderson Co TN deputy caught using children to make porn, carried nude pics of them on his cell phone

Phoenix AZ cop who was charged with murder, planted drugs on mentally challenged homeless lady

Phoenix AZ cop given 2nd degree murder charge after shooting unarmed man to death

Greenville MS police chief caught threatening to shoot 3 women

Des Moines IA police officer “mistakenly” opens fire on a photographer while responding to a call at news station

Mesa AZ cop grabs 2 women by the neck and slams their heads together

Colorado State trooper throws his girlfriend down stairs

Charlotte-Mecklenburg NC police shoot unarmed 15yr-old

Prospect Park NJ police chief assaults handcuffed 16yr-old

Denver CO cop kidnaps and sexually assaults woman, coercing her into sex under threat of arrest

Louisville KY cop w/history of sexual misconduct caught viewing porn in police car and emailing nude pics of self

Albuquerque NM police officer suspended w/pay after 26 counts of criminal sexual penetration

Mendenhall MS police chief caught making sexual gestures at man’s family

Saxonburg PA sued by for stalking and harassing woman

Miami Beach FL police officer caught having sex w/16yr-old, sometimes in police car, and taped it

2 Minneapolis MN cops subject of suit after security cam catches them performing body cavity search at roadside

Folly Beach SC now-former police sgt investigated on allegations he sent inappropriate texts to women while on-duty

Maricopa County AZ sheriff sued for intentionally locking disabled woman in jail cell w/several men for 6 hours

Dallas TX cop investigated for choking 14yr-old boy

Montgomery AL cop bashes 16yr-old in head w/pistol after mistaking him for suspect then leaves him

3 Montgomery AL cops perform no-knock raid on wrong address, frightening woman and children, refuse to apologize

Richmond Co GA school police officer chokes and beats female middle school student

New York NY settles suit because cops called a professor “sand nigger” as they falsely arrested him

6 Mesa AZ cops sued for tasing, kicking and beating man

Durango CO police officer charged with assault and harassment in an off-duty bar fight

2 Philadelphia PA cops involved in videotaped beating case now subject of another excessive force/false arrest claim

Suffolk University MA police officer caught helping deal meth and ecstasy

Lindenwold NJ cop accused of letting police dog continue biting man after cuffed, had stroke after hospitalized

Springfield MA police officer charged with assault and battery with dangerous weapon over videotaped beating at traffic stop

New York NY accused of covering up assault of cabbie by 10 cops by arresting cabbie and punishing cop who stopped it

Dallas TX police officer under investigation for assault charges

Loudoun Co VA deputy indicted for false reporting and bribery for soliciting bribe from woman threatened w/drug charge

Chelan County WA deputy caught in bribery, forgery, misconduct and bringing contraband in jail

Dresden TN police officer fired after charged for solicitation of statutory rape, no other details released

Minneapolis MN cop pleads to robbery charges in Dakota Co, already sentenced for bank robbery and Hennepin Co robberies

Wilton Manors FL police chief resigns under pressure for violating vacation policy after suspended for racist emails

New York NY off-duty cop points gun at cyclist after trying to run him over, cyclist calls 911, responding cops harass cyclist

Center CO cop arrested on numerous charges including assault, theft, witness intimidation & witness retaliation

Pleasant Hill IA cop caught for DUI, possession of meth & 3rd degree burglary of drugs stolen from PD

Gowanda NY police officer sentenced to probation for taking pizzas as bribe to fix ticket & faking his own shooting

Chicago IL police sergeant on desk duty while under investigation on allegations he assaulted man in custody

Manatee County FL deputy suspended 1 week & transferred for allegedly failing to report son’s sexual assaults on children

Atlanta GA police withhold and possibly destroy evidence associated with lawsuit over raid on gay bar

2 Evansville IN cops, possibly 3rd, investigated on excessive force claims by 2 teens, 1 died later of natural causes

Memphis TN cop investigated for crashing after falling asleep at wheel, cuffed detainee left w/serious brain injuries

Mobile AL police accused of hiding information about rapes from public and from FBI/DOJ UCR statistical report

2 Los Angeles CA cops arrested, one for torching own car in insurance fraud attempt, other filed false report for him

Maricopa County AZ sheriff ordered to fix unconstitutional conditions at jails in ACLU suit by 9th circuit court

Jasper County MO sheriff’s lieutenant charged with driving under the influence with BAC of .145

Duluth MN police officer with history of sexual misconduct complaints resigns during unspecified investigation

Santa Maria CA police officer arrested on felony domestic violence charge, no other details released

New York City NY has spent almost $1billion on police-related lawsuits in the last 10 years according to AP report

Anne Arundel Co MD cops investigated after not checking to see if woman they mistakenly declared dead was really dead

Refugio TX sued by 2 ex-cops claiming they were forced to resign in retaliation for reporting thefts by police chief

Connecticut state trooper sentenced to 6mo house arrest & $100k fine for role in mortgage fraud scheme

Nashville TN police accused of mishandling investigation into sexual battery allegations against cop now facing trial

Santa Clara CA police officer faces felony conspiracy charge on allegations for passing info to Hells Angels member

Nashua NH police officer arrested on DUI charge after crashing through guardrail

US Customs & Border Patrol officer in Oregon caught with heroin near school

Hattiesburg MS cop resigns & 3 other members of elite strike force questioned over cash stolen from suspect

New Jersey State trooper wins $249k suit for being retaliated against for blowing whistle on uncertified K9 trainers

2 West Virginia state troopers who resigned in Sept subject of FBI probe into unspecified civil rights violations

Carteret County NC sheriff sentenced to 14mo prison for skimming money from drug bust funds w/4 of his deputies

Passaic County NJ sheriff’s captain charged with driving while intoxicated after minor accident in police cruiser

New York NY police commander & 4 other officers investigated on allegations related to statistic manipulation scandal

Coppell TX refuses to say why deputy police chief is suspended, say it’s not related to reports of missing drug money

Cleveland OH police officer suspended w/o pay after caught using police computer system for personal gain

2 Philadelphia PA cops subject of suit alleging they illegally searched man & his car during unwarranted traffic stop

Houston TX police officer charged with theft by public servant on allegations he stole $500 during course of duties

Long Beach CA cop arraigned on DUI charge after motorists removed his keys from ignition while stopped at green light

Lynchburg VA police accused of using excessive force in arrest of $5mil x-prize winner for obstruction & expired tag

3 Naples FL cops accused of excessive force on woman injured when she was removed from her home on mental health hold

Oakland CA police lt investigated on allegations he let his girlfriend drive his unmarked cruiser when it crashed

Nashua NH police officer arrested on DUI charge after crashing through guardrail while off-duty

Sauk County WI sheriff’s detective arrested on DUI charge after rear-ending stopped car with unmarked cruiser

Phoenix AZ cop arrested on DV-related aggravated assault after witness called cops

Michigan State Trooper sentenced to probation after no contest plea to unspecified assault charges

7 Chicago IL police officers now suspended while under investigation related to unspecified excessive forcecase

Onodaga County NY deputy suspended w/o pay for 3weeks in excessive force case, other resigns in unspecified case

Prince George’s County MD cop sentenced to 2.5yrs for bank break-in scheme where he drove robber to bank in cruiser

Crandon WI settles suit for $10k to be split between 12 relatives of 4 killed by a cop in shooting spree & 1 survivor

Ault CO cop hired with federal funds is suspended after arrested for slashing tires & making harassing calls

New York NY settles suit for $965k to 83 cyclists arrested during monthly critical mass rides from 09/04 – 01/06

Chester Twp PA police chief pleads guilty to felony forgery & reception of stolen property charges

2 Newtown CT police officers suspended w/pay while subject of criminal investigation into missing police union funds

Jackson MS police officer arrested on domestic violence charge over unspecified incident

4 Altoona PA cops on paid leave while investigated on allegations they assaulted 2 bar patrons while off-duty

Mendenhall MS police chief fired after suspended during missing funds probe & arrest for explicit gestures at family

Jupiter FL police officer on paid leave after DUI charge involving a crashed department owned vehicle

Henderson NC police detective arrested on 1 felony & 3 misdemeanor larceny charges, officials won’t release details

Mount Vernon AL police officer fired over allegations of unspecified misconduct involving a female detainee at jail

McLean County KY sheriff hires former Owensboro cop fired after caught on video using excessive force on detainee

Logan OH police officer allowed to resign & won’t be charged for stealing over $1,000 in ammo from department

3 Hattiesburg MS cops join 4th who resigned while under investigation for stealing money from suspect

Warren OH police officer and his wife both arrested on domestic violence charges at home, no other details released

Forrest Co MS sheriff’s dept sued by ACLU on behalf of ex-corrections officer claiming he was fired because he’s gay

Camden NJ police officer charged w/filing a false report over discrepancies in her report about escaped detainee

2 Inkster MI cops to stand trial on felony perjury & conspiracy charges along w/ex-prosecutor over tainted drug trial

Denver CO police sgt & lieutenant transfered after recording internal affairs officer in attempt to embarrass dept

Mount Pleasant NY police actions in fatal shooting of Pace Univ athelete questioned by witnesses & injured passenger

Kanawha County WV sheriff’s dept settles suit for $812k to children claiming deputy’s negligence led to mom’s death

Las Vegas NV police officer charged for misdemeanor domestic batteryover unspecified incident

Anne Arundel Co MD cops investigated after not checking to see if woman they mistakenly declared dead was really dead

Marion Co OR deputy arrested for DUI, assault & reckless endangerment after off-duty crash that injured 1

Chicago IL brutality case involving 7 cops may have been caught on police video, alleged victim IPRA member relative

These are only the reported incidents; the vast majority go unreported. The frequency of cop crimes is similar every week. Do the numbers. It is not just a “few bad apples”; the barrel is rotten. For daily updates, followInjusticeNews on twitter. For past weekly cop crimes archives on Facebook, see here.