USA: Police State

A Texas Prosecutor Builds a Praetorian Guard: Preview of Things to Come?

William N. Grigg

John Roach, the aptly named District Attorney for Collin County, Texas, has arranged to use money from asset forfeiture to fund his own specialized SWAT-style courthouse security team.

Asset forfeiture is the practice of seizing money and other property from people suspected of various crimes, usually involving narcotics. In many instances the property itself is found “guilty” of an offense, whether or not its owner is ever convicted of a crime or even formally charged with one.

Many local governments have made out quite well through this kind of officially sanctioned theft. In fact, some economically devastated Detroit suburbs have seen property seizures by police skyrocket even as the crime rate remains relatively stable.

Mr. Roach has introduced a new wrinkle to this racket by diverting $25,000 in forfeiture funds to equip a force of so-called DA investigators with high-powered rifles, shotguns, and body armor.

This permitted him to circumvent the County Commission and create his own little Praetorian Guard. Chances are pretty good other prosecutors will follow his example.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.