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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap

by David, Injustice Everywhere

Here are the 16 reports of police misconduct tracked by our National Police Misconduct News Feed for Wednesday, November 3, 2010:

A now-former DeKalb County Georgia deputy has been found guilty of murdering his wife and a day laborer by shooting both of them to death and then trying to stage the murder scene so as to implicate the day laborer that he killed. [0]

Portland Oregon police are being sued by the family of a man who was unarmed and attempting to surrender when he was hit by a volley of beanbag rounds and then fatally shot in the back when he reached back in pain after a stand-off situation that stemmed from him feeling suicidal after the death of his brother. Police blamed communication and tactical failures at the scene for the incident. [0]

A Baltimore Maryland police officer has been sentenced to 5 years in prison on a civil rights conviction for beating a teenager in the face with a baton during an arrest. [0]

Maricopa County Arizona has settled a lawsuit for $2,000,000 to a man who was unarmed when deputies stopped him then shot him in the face, destroying his eyeball while the deputies were in New Orleans Louisiana assisting with Hurricane Katrina. [0]

Three Detroit Michigan police officers and a dispatcher are the subject of a lawsuit alleging that they not only used excessive force when they barged into a man’s home and tackled him over a noise complaint, but also that recordings of their radio transmissions prove that they conspired beforehand to beat the guy up. [4]

A Prince George’s County Maryland police officer has been suspended while investigated over allegations that he punched a man in the face, breaking a tooth, then put him in a choke hold while he was working as security for an event while the man was asking for help because the crowd was too thick and he couldn’t move. Unfortunately, while he was asking, he was pushed forward by the crowd and the officer allegedly attacked. He wasn’t charged though he was apparently detained briefly by an on-duty officer who was there. [0]

A Fulton Georgia police officer has been arrested on allegations that he repeated, and forcibly, raped his 12-year-old step-daughter and held her against her will by threatening that she would never see her family again if she didn’t cooperate. [0]

A now-former Fordland Missouri police officer has been sentenced to 12 years on 3 counts of statutory sodomy for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl. [0]

Two Norfolk Virginia police officers have been indicted for involuntary manslaughter and reckless driving for fatally striking a cyclist with their police cruiser. [0]

A White Township Pennsylvania police officer has been charged with animal cruelty after a dog was found dead in his home and another was found near death from starvation. [0]

Dayton Ohio has settled suit for $92,000 over an officer who was deemed negligent when he ran a red light in 1999 and caused a multi-vehicle pileup. [1]

A Roanoke Virginia police officer is facing disciplinary action after he hit a vacant home with his police cruiser while speeding in response to a call that didn’t merit such a response in violation of departmental policy. [0]

A Rome Georgia police officer on the DUI task force has resigned while he was under investigation on allegations revolving around funds that were missing from his tenure as treasurer of a police union. [0]

A Sauk County Wisconsin deputy has been arrested on DUI charges after he was stopped for running a stop and driving on the wrong side of the road. [0]

A Porter County Indiana police officer has been arrested on DUI charges after he hit 2 parked cars while leaving a sheriff’s election party then fled the scene. [0]

And finally, an Indianapolis Indiana police officer was arrested for driving under the influence of oxycontin after he crashed into a mailbox with a police cruiser and responding officers found him asleep at the wheel. Interestingly, a news station received an amateur video filmed from a car showing a police cruiser weaving down the highway that was taken shortly before the accident occurred. Police are reviewing that tape to see if it’s the same officer. [0]

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John and Dagny Galt

Just another edition of Jackboot Weekly. More reasons to disband the vast thin-blue-line gangsters. Definitely way past time for Citizens Review Boards that are REQUIRED to sign-off on any and all actions and conducts, regardless of whether or not a complaint was filed. Not to mention that jackboots who rape twelve-year-olds should be hung on gallows in front of the White House with mandatory televised broadcasts worldwide.

What will your local gangsters do when the pink slips come and their reign of terror while hiding behind a tin button ends?

Cannot happen soon enough!

Starving The Monkeys and Ending The Looterfest,
John and Dagny Galt
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