The NWO's Chains

November 2010 Bank Holiday

Mili Note: Fran is a very good friend of mine.  One of the few that I can honestly say I’d trust with my family’s life.  Listen to him.

by Fran Tully

Friday, I received a disturbing email concerning an advance warning of a “bank holiday” that is supposed to occur before November 11, 2010. That means THIS WEEK.

Now the article, although it is from an extremely reliable source, admits that this is second hand information and they have yet to be able to get collaboration on the information.

However, 8 months ago, Bob Chapman addressed his listeners and stated that his contact, who attends the Fed Meetings, stated that a medium to large banks had plans to do an exercise to “test the public and the systems”, was planning a bank holiday in 2010. Bob said that under this test, the banks will shut down on Thursday, and will reopen on Monday.

In Steve Quayle’s article dated 11/4/10, he claims that after the bank reopens,  that all withdrawals by checks would be limited to $500 per week – no matter what the balance in the account is. No period of Time for the length of the Banks closures were given.

Oddly enough, that is the exact same restrictions that were put on the Argentinian banks after their bank holidays. If you are unfamiliar with the devastating effects that took place in Argentina and continue today, I recommend that you visit and also that you read FerFal’s raw, first hand account of the situation, “Surviving the Collapse”.

Yet, another coincidence is that President Obama has taken off on an extended overseas trip with 65 airplanes, 34 warships, reportedly 3,000 people including his friends and cohorts, at the pinnacle of this economic and political upheaval.

Ron Paul and Gerald Celente were featured in an urgent warning video published on October 13,2010, stating that major changes, possibly a “complete breakdown of law and order” is possible in the event of a financial collapse.

The point is, while this may not be a certainty, is it a credible possibility. As far as I am concerned, it would be prudent to prepare for this as though it were a certainty. It costs almost nothing to prepare, but you could be greatly inconvenienced – or even needlessly put in danger – by not preparing.

This isn’t a Y2K drill, and I am not some fear mongerer trying to sell survival kits, I am simply offering some simple suggestions on how you might take simple steps and better prepare yourself for a potentially dangerous and inconvenient event.

10 steps to take NOW, or  “how to survive the coming bank holiday” guide.

  • Get food. Don’t go crazy, just get some beans and rice, canned food, and some staples with a long shelf life. Get coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, basically whatever you might want for the next 30 days, but might not want to leave the house for.
  • Buy big ticket items NOW…today. It doesn’t even matter what. Get a computer, a tool set, anything you can charge to your credit card at COSTCO, Lowes, Home Depot, Cabela’s, Target, or some other store that has a good return policy. If possible, get something that you or someone else might want in the very near future, or something that might sell out quickly in the event that people panic. This way, even if the bank limits you to $500 a week, you will have something that you can liquidate in the event of a personal emergency. If you need cash,  you can return to the store for cash or offer the item to someone else for a premium or maybe barter with them for something they have that you want.
  • Withdraw your MAXIMUM amount of cash tomorrow – Saturday – from your bank. Do this each day, until you have as much out as you can get, but still have enough in the bank to pay your bills. This way, IF there is a limit of $500 per week, you will be one of the lucky few who have cash on hand BEFORE limits are placed. This could pay huge benefits. ATM’s may run out of money. People need cash and are willing to part with silver, gold, and prized possessions are greatly discounted prices. Obviously, don’t tell anyone that you have the cash… do not carry it with you, and make sure it is in a secure place. SMALL Bills. Nothing over $20. Remember, most people will not want to give you change, so $1s and $5s will buy much more than you would imagine.
  • If you have cash and banks will not give more than $500 limit… you may be able to acquire some gold and silver at far below market price. (do you have a scale?)
  • Use your credit cards to purchase stuff others may want. This will work like a savings account. If you need cash, sell it, or return it.  After things return to normal, you can return it all if you like.
  • Make plans to limit your travel. If you plan well, you should not need to leave your house during the bank holiday. If you stock up on food, gas, supplies, etc. now… then you will not have to deal with pissed off, desperate folks later. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you might be mugged, bullied, humiliated, or followed. In Argentina, most crime happened at night. The most common crimes were muggings, robberies, burglaries, and day-napping. Day napping is when they snag someone right off the street and phone their employer or family and demand $300 – $500 cash in the next 30 minutes.
  • Make sure that if you plan to carry a gun, that you can safely handle it and that you practice operating all the controls before you actually carry it with you. Guns and knives can save your life and protect your family, but you must know how to use them. Practice, and make sure that everyone in the family can safely handle and operate the weapons.
  • In essence, this early warning might be a blessing, if you act very quickly. If you can get lots of cash, groceries, fuel, and necessities right now, you may be able to avoid impending disaster. Then, if the whole thing blows over, you can undue it. If you put it on your credit cards… it might even be free insurance, if you return, sell, or trade it before the bill comes due.  If the disaster is real… you will be better prepared than anyone and can avoid potentially dangerous and stressful situations. If it turns out to be a hoax, at least you will have hands on experience on how to prepare for a financial crisis.

Good luck and be safe.

Fran Tully