Liberty Commentary

United States Of Confusion

by Mike Rough, The Texas Ring

The current state of affairs regarding our political system in many ways resembles professional sports in the way we relate to them.

1. Most have a favorite “Team” or at least will jump on a bandwagon and ride the success of one to feel involved.

2. Most teams and politicians spend a ton of money advertising their “Stars” and trying to persuade you to root or vote for them.

3. Advertisers and Special Interest groups endorse or seek endorsements by lavishing obscene amounts of money to sway public opinion to favor toward ideals or products.

4. Those teams that do not have a large budget or an overwhelming amount of talent rarely effect the outcome of who wins the World Series, or Elections no matter their desire to do so.

5. When the elections and championships are over we forget about the players until the season starts again or there is scandal involved.

6. No matter what initiated actions take place on the field or during session, ultimately the umpires or judicial system make the final call even if it is in error.

7. The umpires and judges are extremely hard to remove from their positions even if grossly negligent in their call or interpretation of the game.

8. The owner of the teams and the Federal Reserve control the flow of the game’s development, scheduling, and are not regulated by any group or body except themselves.

In the end while it is great to be a fan of the winning team, essentially all you’re left with is the fading glow of victory and empty pockets after paying for the privilege of watching.

The only difference between the two is sports persuades you to open your wallet; politics rips it out of your hands.