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Me on Liberty Cap Talk Live

I haven’t received confirmation yet, but I was invited to be on Liberty Cap Talk Live tomorrow afternoon to talk about the TSA porno scanners and touchy-feely galleries.

I’ll probably be one of several guests, all of whom have bigger L’s in their name.  This assumes the host doesn’t tell me to take a hike, since I confessed up front that I’m more  anarchist than libertarian. You never know, it’s gotten me rejected before.  I think this guy’s more reasonable than that, however.

At any rate, it starts at 5pm EST (3pm MST or 17:00EST/15:00MST).  If anything changes, I’ll update this post.

Here’s an update and the official announcement from Liberty Cap Talk Live:

In the thirty-third episode, Jim, Todd, and their panelists libertarian/voluntaryist Jay Hailey, The Militant Libertarian founder Aaron Turpen, and The Humble Libertarian blogger Wes Messamore discuss Free Talk Live host Meg McLain’s detainment and being accosted by TSA agents via their new “pat-down” procedures, Meg being on Free Talk Live twice (once to tell her original story, and then the second time to clarify statements regarding the incident), Meg’s appearances on the mainstream media, the TSA responds to Meg’s claims with two YouTube videos with no time stamps, a growing anti-TSA outcry as a result of Meg’s story, pilots and flight attendants speaking out against TSA insanity, George W. Bush on Dateline NBC with Matt Laurer defending his decision to go to war with Afghanistan and Iraq and establishing TARP, Supreme Court refuses to end “don’t ask, don’t tell” (DADT), Senate Democrats pushing for health tax repeal?, Obama considering compromise on Bush tax cuts, etc.

The panelists, Jim, and I interview Libertarian Party Executive Director Wes Benedict for a 30-minute interview on his role in the LP, the current state of the Party, his thoughts on the LP races this past election season, and the Party’s press release condemning the TSA’s body scanners.