The NWO's Chains

Privacy Advocate Reveals City Lock Down Plans

by Debbie Morgan, CampFEMA

Columbia, MO November 16, 2010 – Producer Gary Franchi stumbled upon something very interesting during his interview with author and talk radio host Katherine Albrecht for the latest Lewis/Franchi film. When asked about FEMA facilities, she stated that she could not speak specifically to FEMA, but she observed, during her study of toll transponders and traffic cameras, that “You don’t really need to round people up in FEMA camps if you can simply lock them down.” She exposed the federal interest in city perimeter cameras for the city of Cambridge. This is remarkable information, especially with different cities around the country moving to traffic cameras and cameras on the interstate highways.

Other disturbing information was sent to the film office administrator after the release of “Enemy of the State: Camp FEMA Part 2.” The information regards construction in Kansas and Arkansas, specifically that FEMA is building facilities on the grounds of high schools. Could this be a fast track solution to one of the mandates of a FEMA facility, the education of those “camp” residents?

According to HR 645, the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act, as revealed in the Lewis/Franchi production “Camp FEMA: American Lockdown,” military bases are to be converted to FEMA Centers and these “centers’ will be completed to provide for public works, housing, transportation, medical and, yes, educational needs. The internment facilities during World War II, called War Relocation Centers, consisted of the same, including the educational facilities. They were used to relocate around 120,000 people, nearly 80,000 of which were United States Citizens. These, family-friendly facilities also had barbed wire encircling the perimeter.

In the first offering on the subject, Lewis states that the relocation centers during WWII used to “reeducate” those living there. “Camp FEMA” Guest Sam Ozaki also revealed that at least 10 people were shot and killed in the US Internment Camps during that time “by American guards simply because they got too close to the barbed wire fence that was surrounding the camps.”

The locking down of a city is not necessarily new. Remember what happened to New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina? As has also been discussed in “Enemy of the State,” calling for a state of National Emergency can happen simply because of civil unrest. That is especially frightening in light of the economic conditions still prevalent in the United States and the poor economic situation in which many people find themselves today.

If locking down cities becomes part of the plan, and FEMA has facilities already in place at area schools, which have bathroom and cafeteria facilities, most have nursing facilities, and all have ample classroom and auditorium space available in which residents could be housed, is there anywhere the people of the Untied States will be safe?

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