Practicing Airport Security Without A License

Posted: November 18th, 2010 by Militant Libertarian

by William N. Grigg

My first question is this: How on earth did this person dream up the pseudonym “Berlyn Aussieahshowna”?  My second question is: Why isn’t this person employed by the TSA?

A few weeks ago police were contacted by the staff of a local cosmetic surgeon who complained that they had received numerous phone calls asking for a “Dr. Berlyn Aussieahshowna.”

The memorably named specialist had supposedly offered to perform various cosmetic enhancements on women whose breasts she had examined during conversations in local nightclubs.

It turns out that “Dr. Aussieahshowna” is actually an individual named Kristina B. Ross, who is not a doctor of any kind. The story is complicated even further by the fact that Ross is actually a man, albeit one who “identifies” as a woman. Following a 2003 conviction for aggravated battery, Ross served four years in a men’s prison, although he (assuming that the pronoun fits) was not housed in the general population.

As Judge Kevin Swain observes, Ross — who is not a physician — was “a male touching women’s breasts under the guise of being a female doctor.” On at least one occasion, Ross allegedly persuaded a victim to disrobe in order for him to “examine” her, supposedly to evaluate her suitability for cosmetic surgery. Others were reportedly felt up through their clothing. All of this was done on a pretext by someone seeking to gratify prurient interests, albeit of a convoluted variety.

Ross is accused of practicing medicine without a license, which is a felony.

However, if authorities are at all interested in applying the law equitably, the police should conduct wholesale arrests at Boise Airport, where scores of TSA employees are physically molesting innocent people, while forcing others to be virtually disrobed by way of backscatter scanning devices.

None of these federal employees is a licensed physician. All of them are committing sexual battery of some variety. It’s reasonable to believe — especially in light of the grimy institutional history of the agency that employs them — that the desire to satisfy prurient interests explains the presence of least some of the people palpating the intimate anatomy of strangers.

Either the Boise Police should be dispatched to arrest every member of the local TSAmolester squad, or the charges against Ross should be reduced to “practicing airport security without a license.”

The widespread and growing revulsion over the practice of airport molestation is an encouraging development, if only because it illustrates that the public retains at least some semblance of a moral gag reflex. It hasn’t taken long for the War Party and its minions to co-opt this sentiment, however. Now we’re being told that we should blame the besetting threat posed by distant, fuzzy-faced Mohammedans for the ritual humiliation suffered by Americans every time they attempt to board an airplane.

How in heaven’s name can this be right?

The GOP-dominated element of the Tea Party was produced through the political equivalent of genetic engineering. It is a recombinant political organism that blends facile populist hostility toward “Big Government” with unqualified support for militarism — which is Big Government denuded of any humanitarian pretense.

From the highest minarets of Fox News to the retail-level muezzins inRepublican-aligned talk radio, the War Party is singing the praises of ethnic/religious profiling as a substitute for subjecting everyone to ritualized humiliation at airport checkpoints.

This assumes, of course, that the TSA is interested in enhancing the security of air passengers. It isn’t. The objective of the policy is to make Mundanes submit to their supposed betters, not to protect them from terrorism.

As former Customs inspector-turned-whistleblower Diane Klienman pointed out in a June 2007 interview with Pro Libertate, the most serious airport security breach in recent history was actually facilitated by the same Homeland Security apparatus that supposedly protects us.

Russell DeFreitas, a former “baggage handler” at JFK who was accused of involvement in a plot to blow up that airport, was previously employed as a baggage handler and/or a “trainee supervisor” in the employ of Evergreen International Airlines, a CIA front company based in McMinnville, Oregon.

Evergreen is a direct descendant of the infamous Air America, a CIA proprietary airline that was deeply involved in narcotics smuggling, arms trafficking, and other charming enterprises. One  former Evergreen pilot has testified under oath that the CIA used the airline to supply both sides in various Cold War-era regional conflicts. More recently, Evergreen played a central role in the CIA’s “extraordinary rendition” program, supplying planes used as  “torture taxis” to convey detainees to various CIA-operated dungeons around the world.
DeFreitas left Evergreen’s employ in May 2001, and details are sketchy regarding his job history from that point until his June 2007 arrest. He was employed at JFK in the 1990s, and Klieman told me that DeFreitas’s background with Evergreen means “only one thing — he was working at JFK doing drug smuggling.”

Diane Klieman testifying before a legislative committee.

“The CIA has always been involved in drug smuggling, and Evergreen or Air America has played a big role in it,” Klieman elaborated. “When I was working Customs at JFK, we had this huge problem with airline personnel using their secure keys to give unauthorized access to `sterile corridors’ that bypassed Customs inspection. Quite often this involved drug smuggling, and I’ve got ample reason to believe that Evergreen and other CIA assets were involved in it.”

To her disgust and horror, Klieman discovered that the federalized security system at JFK was incurably corrupt and thoroughly politicized. While passengers had to suffer manifold indignities in order to board an airliner, the planes themselves were entirely accessible to criminals and potential terrorists — both those on the CIA’s payroll and those who might be rogue elements. Among the unsettling discoveries she made was that it was possible for unidentified personnel to drive unmarked vehicles right up to the loading ramps at JFK without attracting the interest of security personnel.

When Klieman complained about this state of affairs, she received the standard whistle-blower treatment: She was abused by her supervisors (one of whom referred to her as a “Jew bitch”) and fired without cause.

Any terrorist worth worrying about wouldn’t try to smuggle explosives onto an airplane on his or her person; instead, the terrorist in question would be part of a cell that had infiltrated the security team at a targeted airport, thereby gaining direct access to the airplanes themselves. And as Diane Klieman can testify from first-hand experience, terrorists of that description would be getting inside help (for reasons of personal corruption or political opportunism) from people inside the federal system that supposedly protects us.

What this means, of course, is that the entire rationale behind the TSA’s cop-a-feel security protocol is as phony as “Beryln Aussieahshowna”‘s medical credentials.

It should be remembered that we live under a Regime in which the president supposedly has the authority to order the sexual torture of children, and whoseinterrogators can use the threat of prison rape to extract a confession from a child soldier for use in a Stalinist show trial. Why, then, should be be surprised that the same Regime would institutionalize the public sexual humiliation of its subjects?
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