When All Else Fails

OMG Look at the Big Scary… It looks like a *GASP*…. Mosque!! Call Homeland Security!

by JuJuBe, Intersection of Madness and Reality

The Light of the World (La Luz del Mundo) Church currently under construction in Phoenix Arizona has neighbors concerned. So much so, that they had to affix a banner to the structure in order to reassure passerby on the nearby I-10. The reason? It “looks like a mosque” Yup, this multidenominational church is the object of concern because it is topped by a dome. Ooooohhhh…. scary Muslim looking structure! The terrorists are about to invade Arizona! Hide the women and children!

Yes, Islamophobia in America has really gotten this bad! Church leaders have received numerous phone calls from “concerned citizens” who are opposed to the idea of there being a mosque in the area! So, they are now flying a large banner across the dome just to let the people who see the structure know that they are, indeed, a Christian organization, not one of those terrifying Islamic “terrorist” groups! Because God forbid those scary Muslims be afforded a place to worship in America!

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