When All Else Fails

Top 10 Firefox Add-ons to Make Browsing Safe, Secure and Private Once Again

by Rational Being, Tech Drive-in

We have already seen top Google Chrome extensions to secure your web browsing, now lets talk about Firefox add-ons a bit. Many of the Google Chrome extensions we featured are originally inspired by Firefox’s top notch add-ons. So without much delay, lets start making Firefox a much more secure one.

  • Web of Trust(WOT) add-on is a safe surfing tool for your browser. WOT ratings are powered by a global community of millions of trustworthy users who have rated millions of websites based on their experiences. Download WOT Firefox Add-on.
  • BetterPrivacy serves to protect against not deletable longterm cookies, commonly known as ‘Super-Cookie’. This new cookie generation offers unlimited user tracking to industry and market research. Download Better Privacy Firefox Add-on .
  • Winner of the “2006 PC World World Class Award”, NoScript add-on provides added protection to Firefox. It allows JavaScript, Java and other executable content to run only from trusted domains of your choice. Download NoScript Firefox Add-on.

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