Militant Rants

Irwin Schiff on TV

Mili Note: I received the following via email, mixed in with the usual hate mail I get.  I enjoy good feedback and people who send me good information.  For reasons that may become obvious, this person will be kept anonymous, but the email was a good one and I thought worth reproducing here.  From


I happened onto your website today.  Good observations.  I’m familiar with Irwin Schiff and have been a “nonfiler” since 1978 (I’m 74).

Irwin is in jail.  A political prisoner.  Does that mean he’s wrong?  No.

It means he’s right.  Parasites of state cannot allow any individuals who possess eloquence and the ability to influence, motivate, or galvanize the sheeple to action to remain free — especially if they tell the truth.  Truth is the anathema to employees of state.

Of course you know that.  But you and I are living in exciting times:  as long as the web remains free (it won’t for long) more and more average individuals through websites like yours are coming to see “government” for the quackery it is:

It’s easy to become discouraged, however.  It seems 98% of everyone just goes along because going along keeps us out of jail.  There are only a few martyrs like Irwin, and he’s old — ‘way over 80.

Government here  and around the earth is about to implode.  But then a stronger and more tyrannical oligarchy will move in to take its place — probably global in nature.  Temporarily.  The sheep demand human government.  I’m sure over 90% of ’em believe human government is necessary and that it serves a socially useful purpose.  Few will see its parasitical nature before it consumes its own venom, at which point it is too late for those who have failed to declare individual sovereignty.

I am a sovereign state.  I live in occupied territory, but I’m free.  Every day I meet the challenge of maneuvering around and through the police state mentality.  That would be true if I moved to New Hampshire (free state?  ha.), or Costa Rica for that matter.  I don’t have to fight anybody or anything.

Keep up the good work.