Militant Rants

The TSA is Only Subjecting You to “Freedom Fondles”

by Karen De Coster

This column by Debra Saunders is revealing as to her level of flag-foisting, plastic-patriotism cluelessness. Her column is titled: “Not TSA Pat-Down, But Freedom Fondles.” You see, the TSA is fondling – sexually assaulting – you in the name of freedom. Always, for these folks, we measure our level of freedom by the lack of freedom handed down by the elites who make the rules. Make sense? And she says the resisters, like Ron Paul, are “whiners.” What’s the matter Debra? Don’t want any critical thinking to get in the way of your need to get from here to there, unencumbered by time-consuming protest and dissent? Submitting is the easy route, isn’t it?

For these state-worshipping, conservative-right, pro-totalitarian tools, the massive  and aggressive security state is a sign of freedom – the state is protecting folks from all the various bogeyman who could potentially “harm” us all. She says:

Even to prevent another attack like the thwarted Christmas day bombing, nobody wants to appear to be insensitive. Cable TV is ruining this country.

“Thwarted Christmas Day bombing?” Oh, you mean the dangerous, maniacal, and really scary little kid with powder in his underwear?

Saunders is far worse than any two-party advocate. She is a fucking whore for the fascist-oppressive regime, whether it be right or left.