Liberty Commentary

Another Secession Movement Underway

by Timothy Baldwin, LDL

A recent article reflects a Secession Movement is taking more serious effect in Belgium.  The cause for the movement?–well, the cause is the same that most always exist in a Secession Movement:

too many fundamentally opposed interests and philosophies among the citizens of the country, mismanagement of government’s role and purpose under the central authority, cultural divisions amongst society, inability for the people to effectively control the central government , not being able to determine one’s own destiny as a group of people, dire economic concerns, etc.

Essentially, these causes almost always exist in a country that has existed for any length of time, including the United States of America. Call it society’s evolution if you will. Call it what you want: it is a reality. The article points out that “Belgium…has been drifting into separate nations since the early 1970s,” even though the political union called Belgium has existed since the 1830s, connoting the natural progression of society’s changing needs and wants.

Of course, Belgium is not the only Secession Movement under way in the world. In the United States, there are many people who believe Secession from the


political union of the federal government is necessary. Perhaps theSecession Party in the U.S. will become increasingly popular as conditions become more like Europe, especially as the federal government promotes philosophy which reflects a European mentality of consolidation, big government and world-affairs entanglement. Still, there are many other countries in the world that are practicing their God-given right to self-government, to name a few, Sudan, Yugoslavia, European Union and Australia. Human nature always attempts to survive under the best circumstances possible.

When looking at world events and first-world political conditions, is it any wonder that freedom-seeking people are advocating to be able to govern themselves without having to change an entrenched world-system (literally)?—which is virtually impossible considering the power structure in place in those systems. Think about it.