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Officer Suspended After Incident Caught On Tape

Mili Note: The last sentence should read “He was given special treatment.”

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This is why police do not like to be filmed. What if there was no video of this, do you think he still would have been suspended?

According to the Youtube description

A Texas Department of Public Safety trooper has been suspended after video surfaced in which he appears to be losing his temper.

Cameras aboard a Capital Metro bus caught Trooper Don McFarlane getting onboard at 15th and Trinity around 3 a.m. Sunday, October 3.

Video shows Trooper Don McFarlane reprimanding the bus driver for blocking his view when he was trying to make a right hand turn. The bus driver can be heard apologizing, while a passenger shouts, “Hey! I’ve got places to go, bro.” When McFarlane approaches him, the passenger says he was talking to someone else. As McFarlane is about to leave the bus, he hears laughter. He then gets back on the bus, grabs the passsenger and threatens to take him to jail.

The bus that Trooper McFarlane stopped was the E-bus, or entertainment bus. It picks up and drops off UT students for free Thursday through Saturday.

The Department of Public Safety is investigating the matter.

The 54-year-old McFarlane has been with DPS since 2000.

This is not the first time that McFarlane has been in trouble for losing his temper. Court records obtained by KVUE on Friday show that McFarlane was indicted by a Travis County Grand Jury last summer after a road rage incident.

Court documents state that two Fort Hood soldiers on their way to Austin were cut off by McFarlane in his personal car. When the soldiers caught up to that car to get the license plate number, the trooper flashed his badge and his weapon.

McFarlane was later indicted for deadly conduct, but that charge was lowered to a misdemeanor of disorderly conduct. He was given deferred prosecution for one year.