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AGW Enthusiasts in Cancun Unhindered by Record Cold in Europe

by Bob Ellis, Dakota Voice

From CNBC:

Heavy snow and subzero temperatures in Western Europe closed at least four airports Wednesday, including Gatwick, one of Britain’s busiest, and Geneva, Switzerland’s second biggest.


In the UK, trains recorded severe delays starting with Tuesday afternoon, when the snow started falling.

It was the country’s earliest snowfall since 1993, and hundreds of schools in Scotland and northern England had to close.

In France, electricity network RTE warned of possible cuts in supply as demand was set to top record levels.

The coldest November night in 45 years was recorded in Switzerland, as temperatures sank below minus 30 degrees Celsius.

Wow! It’s a good thing so many of Europe’s global warming apostles are in balmy Cancun to talk about climate change.  If they were having their revival meeting in Copenhagen like this time last year, the journalists covering the event would have been freezing and their global warming conference might have been inconveniently dampened by a blizzard as Copenhagen was hit in 2009.

It really takes the party spirit out of a global warming pep rally when reality intrudes.

Hat Tip: ClimateChangeDispatch