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Michigan Mother Sentenced to Vaccinate Her Baby or Go To Jail

by Aaron Turpen, The Militant Libertarian

Michigan Judge Susan Beebe sentenced Michelle Cochrane, 20, to a choice. The young mother could get her 2-year old, Brooke, vaccinated with five jabs or go to jail, pay a fine, and lose custody of Brooke. The ruling was made in Jackson County, Michigan’s County Family Court despite Cochrane having submitted a Michigan vaccine waiver form.1

Dr. Baruti, a Michigan-based family physician, appeared on The Insight Hour radio show2 and says the ruling appears to be based entirely on Judge Beebe’s personal beliefs and not on any legal reasoning.

Reports say that Brooke’s grandmother was in court3 and she says that the judge’s statements made it clear that because her own three children were vaccinated, it’s the right thing to do. Judge Beebe is only 35 years old and is the youngest appointed judge in Michigan. Court transcripts were not yet available online as of this writing.

The mother agreed to have the vaccinations given to her daughter and did so this week, according to reports.

The dangerous precedent set by this outlaw judge are clearly extra-constitutional and against not only Michigan law, but federal law, which requires states to allow (at least) medical exemptions for vaccinations. In fact, all 50 states have medical exemptions and 48 of them also have religious or philosophical exemption allowances (West Virginia and Mississippi do not).4

If you aren’t acquainted with the vaccine lies, be assured that the supposed benefits of vaccines are just that. There is little or no evidence proving that vaccines work and absolutely no empirical evidence for them and plenty of evidence of the harm they can cause.

This egregious ruling by this Michigan judge needs to be protested. This author calls for all readers to spread this article freely and to flood the Jackson County Court’s office with letters of protest and phone calls demanding that this judge resign or be censured for ignoring the laws of both the State of Michigan and the United States.

You can contact the judge’s office and the court at:
Terry Crawford, Judicial Secretary (517) 768-8542 or tcrawfo2@Co.Jackson.MI.Us
Keelly Horsch, County Clerk (517) 768-2777 or khorsch@Co.Jackson.MI.Us
Ron Sovjak, Court Officer (517) 768-8533 or rsovjak@Co.Jackson.MI.Us
Fax Number: (517) 788-4361
This Jackson County contact form

Remember to be civil, but firm and informed. Ask specifically why this judge is allowed to ignore the right of the family she sentenced (both mother and daughter), why she ignored Michigan and federal law, and how her conscience allows her to keep her bench. Black robes are not a magic drape that changes an ordinary person into an all-powerful magistrate of (in)justice. This judge must be reminded of that. Her ruling was inappropriate, dangerous, and without legal or moral merit.

1 – Medical/Religious Exemption Forms by State, Vaccination Liberation

2 – Insight Hour Radio Show website on BBS Radio.

3 – Judge Susan Beebe Sentences No-Vaccine Mother, Michelle Cochran, Despite Vaccines Obsoleted By Bionaid And ZeoHeal, press release.

4 – National Vaccine Program Office Immunization Laws, CDC at See also Michigan CL 333.9215 (updated 2007).

Thanks to Diana Sue for alerting the author to this information.


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I think the judge is wrong. I think the correct approach would be to take the children from the mother because of endangerment and then make sure the children get proper medical care. But the mother shouldn’t go to jail. She should work and pay the state to raise her kids since she seems incapable.

Militant Libertarian

You’re ignorant. How is she “endangering” her child?


To whom do children belong – the state or the parents? Who is best qualified and most motivated to ascertain the child’s best interests and act accordingly – the state or the parents? In whom should the right to make health care choices for a given family reside – an entity unrelated to the family and backed by force of arms or the family itself?

How we answer these questions is more pertinent than whether vaccinations are beneficial or harmful.

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