Militant Rants

The Amazon Boycott Over Wikileaks

I’m tired of hearing about this stupid boycott of because they decided to stop hosting Wikileaks.  There are way too many things wrong with this backlash against Amazon and, as with most of these types of responses, the knee-jerk response misses the whole point.

First, PayPal announced at about the same time did that they were closing down Wikileaks’ donation account.  Anyone else hear about that during all the hoopla regarding Amazon dumping their hosting?  No?

Wonder why that is?  PayPal is owned by eBay, by the way.  How many of you Amazon boycotters have moved your business to eBay instead?  Way to support the team, doughnut eaters.

Nevermind the whole problem with blaming Amazon in the first place.  Bob Murphy on Lew Rockwell has part of it right.  Why is everyone targeting Amazon and ignoring the other companies that never stepped up to the plate to begin with?  What about Google, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Novell, et al?  These companies never even attempted to help Wikileaks to start with, so why not hate on them too?  After all, they didn’t even put a stick in the game.  At least Amazon did SOMETHING.

But that’s still not going the distance.  Blaming any of these businesses, boycotting anyone on the above list won’t do diddly.  Why?  Because it ignores the real issue.

The real issue is that these businesses are not willing to help Wikileaks and are afraid to continue helping Wikileaks (if they have been already) because of government.

So why aren’t you Wikileaks-loving schills boycotting the real culprit?  Why aren’t you boycotting government?

Stop sending your money to the Evil Empire!  Boycott the real problem!  Withold your money from the actual problem!  Strike at the root!

Or you can keep blaming nameless, faceless “Big Business” and falling for the whole Michael Moore/Ann Coulter blame game and never solve the problem.

Open your eyes, people.