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More on everyone’s favorite gestapo…

Originally written/published March 8, 2004

I’m concerned whether or not the IRS is legal, but believe it to be a moot point now. People are so indoctrinated with anteing up or having the jackboots take it all, that fighting it is futile in this regard. We won’t be able to beat the IRS in a “legal” court of law (see previous post on courts).

Our only hope of defeating them is via mass civil disobedience. The We The People Congress is attempting this, but I believe they have marginalized themselves to the extent that they will never accomplish their goal. I won’t even start in on their local representatives…

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I pay my extorti…er…taxes every year out of fear of losing everything I have and what freedoms I have left. Here’s my choice: pay up and probably be relatively safe (unless an audit is performed) or don’t pay and just wait for the jackboots.

Here’s the scenario if the jackboots come: they surround the house, kick in the door, and shoot my dog. There’s #1, dog is dead (he’s like my child, you know). They then arrest both myself and my wife, subject us to hours of interrogation, and then put us in a jail cell. Eventually we’re “tried” and go to prison. There’s #2, my wife is imprisoned. And #3, I’m imprisoned. Now we’ll both have to walk through the rest of our lives with a felony conviction on our records. Great.

I don’t know about any of you, but I’ve been to jail and I ain’t going back. Jail is one of the few places in this country where you can learn the true meaning of fear. They don’t send you to the country club for tax evasion.

So there you have it: pay TheIRS their extortion money, or lose everything you have. Nice “freedom” we have, eh?

Hey, I hear they’re installing secret police in Iraq.  I bet they’ll get their own, brand spankin’ new IRS too!