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Posted: December 10th, 2010 by Militant Libertarian

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by/starring Clint Richardson

My friend Dale Williams ( sent me the link to this documentary film produced, directed, and narrated by Clint Richardson.  It’s about the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), which Walter Burien has spent years attempting to make public on a wide scale.  Burien gets ignored and even ridiculed by many and I think there’s a big reason for that (hint: it’s not his information)..

Burien fails in his delivery.  He seems to have great information (I’ve tried to assimilate it), but reading and listening to him is like sitting through a lecture on 18th century botany and it’s ramifications for 19th century literature.  b o r i n g

Richardson cuts through that and presents excellent, well-researched/documented, and fully explained information that doesn’t require a PhD and 3 jars of NoDoz to sit through.  I’ve known Clint by reputation via friends of mine in Utah who’ve sent me his YouTube links when he confronts various politicians and snake oil salesmen (usually they’re on in the same) with blunt questions that he usually gets “out of my face, punk” answers to.

It turns out Clint has a technical background that’s suited to documentary-making, which you can see in this, his first feature-length doc.  It’s 3 hours long, but well worth the time to sit through.  Trust me, if you watch the first half hour, you’ll end up watching the whole thing anyway.  It’s awesome information.

The Corporation Nation is as good as anything Alex Jones has put out, but without the bullhorn, Texas accent, and over-produced graphics and musical interludes.  It’s more like what Jones used to make before he could afford high dollar production equipment.

Before seeing this film, I was not sold on the whole CAFR as a hidden agenda fascism-link and was pretty dubious about whether there was anything to the whole idea.  I’d been pushed by fans like Judie H who has tried to get me to go through Burien’s stuff, but as I said, he’s about as interesting as watching the mating rituals of snails.

Now that I’ve seen Clint’s production, though, I know there’s something to this.  He uses screen captures and walk-throughs to show you the information and where to find it yourself, which is awesome.  The second or third time you watch this, you’ll definitely be trolling the Web as a paused screen shows you where to Google something.

This doc is well worth the time to watch and highly recommended.  It’s absolutely free and can be watched on YouTube (at this link) or downloaded directly (  I’ve sent the link to our friends, so expect to see this documentary as a feature on his 24/7 live stream as well.

The included graphic here was made by the Militant Libertarian because Clint doesn’t have a cover for his movie.


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  1. The CAFR stuff is part of the curtain and illusion. Where do you think all those digital dollars that the FED creates go? Digital numbers in digital ledgers do nothing. Sure, some trickle out here and there but the CAFR is part of the problem and certainly not the solution.

    CAFR is one of the props in the comedy-show-con that is the Stock Market. The insiders and elites create and sling around billions in stock-market con-man toilet-paper. Even a precursory glance at the commodities and precious metals trading will give you diarrhea for a month.

    Look at it this way, what do you think would happen to the dollar if the Chinese and other U.S. debt-holders traded that toilet-paper for whatever they could get that were actual tangible assets?

    The same holds true for what would happen if those mystical CAFR digits hit the trading floor for REAL TANGIBLE stores of wealth.

    Hope and change, Obama and CAFR…how’s that working out for you?

    Hopefully Ron Paul will force the FED to start publishing the M3 again so folks can see just how much toilet-paper faux dollars they have been spewing out…both the paper stuff and the digital trash.

    It’s Enron on a global scale.

    Don’t be fooled, there are no silver bullets.

    Starving The Monkeys and Ending The Looterfest,
    John and Dagny Galt
    Atlas Shrugged, Owners Manual For The Universe!(tm)


    • Aaron says:

      You should watch the video, Galt. As Mr. Burien points out below, Clint focuses not on the “payoff” that could be the CAFR but rather on proving that the U.S. is a corporation as are all subsidiaries (states, counties, towns, etc).

      You’re right that the CAFR as a “tax free YAY!” thing is all bogus, since it’s all based on illusory dollars. The primary focus of Clint’s information is to prove that we don’t live in a democracy, a republic, or any of the other buzz words the ACLU and CATO will throw at you: we live in a kleptocracy in which our corporate overseers own and control just about everything around us.

      The first step towards that realization is to realize that we don’t have a “government” like we think we do.

  2. Here is just one example of how the con-men must scramble like mad to produce the REAL gold that they promised they were holding in safe-keeping!

    Hello!?! Folks!?! Understand that almost no-one besides the insiders and the elites are going to get out of the dollar at full value!

    Just look at how much physical silver you would have traded for with $100K back in 2002…25,000 troy ounces.

    Today your $100K will trade for 3,300 troy ounces of silver.

    Even elementary level math will work for you…do the math…follow the money!

    Another horrific fact:
    What was the minimum wage in 2002?
    What is the minimum wage today?
    Now, tell us who’s labor and time is being stolen!

    Starving The Monkeys and Ending The Looterfest,
    John and Dagny Galt
    Atlas Shrugged, Owners Manual For The Universe!(tm)

    ps-just wait til they implement a cashless instrument where everything is digital and only accessible via a card or chip…hahaha!



  3. Interesting. I liked the : “about as interesting as watching the mating rituals of snails.” Reminds me of a person from LA who once said to me that what I wrote went over the heads of most readers and I had to write in a way the person on the “street” could understand. She gave me examples of her writing style which was filled with LA Street Gang Slang and used terms suitable for a 5th grade school yard word fight on the playground. She said “this is the way you have to write for all to understand.” My reply back to her was: Yeh, for most in the LA Prison system to understand a few points!

    The population of the country has been methodically trained to be an “entertainment society”. Soundbite conditioning and fast satisfaction for quick adrenalin rushes. Per that comment of “ridiculed by many”, in reply using an expression my parents use to use: “In a pigs eye.” Those with a business background or an education in markets; trading; and investment listen and always comment with: “This is the most important information they have learned and you bring it forward making this so easy to understand.”

    But then as always is the case, a few parrots with the brains that remind me of a pea rolling down a four lane highway will say: “I can’t understand the importance of what he is saying. It doesn’t make any sense. This reminds me of a boring lecture I was forced to listen to before I dropped out of high school on 18th century botany and it’s ramifications for 19th century literature.” Well for that gang here is something that will definitely catch and hold their attention. An educational YouTube viewed now by 5 million wishing to be entertained –

    Clint Richardson did a good job on his new documentary. He showed it to me after he finished it and he gets most of the points correct. He mentions my name and the CAFR a few times throughout the documentary but his focus is 90% directed towards qualifying government as a “Corporate” for profit entity. The remedy for eliminating taxation which is my primary focus for remedy to all was but a brief passing mention as if passing a gas station to the side of the road on a thousand mile trip. So Clint did a good job on the government “Corporate” qualification but as far as qualifying the destination of ridding all taxation through the application of the TRF (Tax Retirement Fund) here I would have to give a low score.

    Over all though based on what Clint did focus on I would have to give him an A+

    • Aaron says:

      (Cross posted, as was Burien’s comment above) on the actual Militant Reviews sub-site:)

      Sorry if I offended you, Mr. Burien, but I have a business background and still find your information, while full of facts and intelligent, to be extremely dry and hard to digest. This puts you in such company as Judge Andrew Napolitano, by the way, which I wouldn’t personally find to be too bad.

      However, what most fail to realize is that while solid information is great, delivery of that information is just as important. This happens to be my own line of work: writing. I often take things that most laymen would struggle to understand and turn it into something they can easily digest.

      Different strokes for different folks, Mr. Burien. You can convince a handful of people using professorial lecturing and academic writing, but you’ll never convince enough people to actually make anything happen without reaching out to the common thinking man.

  4. CAFR muni-bonds…hahaha…the emperor has no clothes…bonds shown for the worthlessness they are!

  5. More on CAFR…the illusion of value is smoke and mirrors folks, it’s only in your mind…last one to own these instruments gets ENRONed!

  6. Well, after reading through these comments, I can only come to one conclusion…

    Mr. John Galt is really quite an ass.

    Not one comment that has a real reference (besides a random blog) or a factual basis. I would love to hear Mr. Burien and Mr. Galt have a debate. We’d all be having Galt pudding once we scraped what’s left off the wall.

    This Galt method of attack mixed with colloquialisms like getting “ENRONed”, “hahahaha”, and “Ron Paul will save us” really seems like counter-intelligence and co-intel-pro to me. I hope people don’t take this gentleman seriously.

    FYI… Bonds are floated on many things, not the least of which are peoples homes, prisoner labor and value (CUSIP), and money that the government already has in the bank (advance forward liability).

    I’d like to spank this monkey!


  7. And Aaron… thanks for your help and support. Dale speaks very highly of you.


    • Militant Libertarian says:

      Thanks, Clint. He speaks well of you too. Someday, I might be in Utah again (perish the thought), but hopefully only temporarily. As soon as I got the chance, I ran from that nutjob asylum for more libertarian pastures. :)

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