Millions of Americans At Risk From Dental Mercury, Report Says

Posted: December 13th, 2010 by Militant Libertarian

by Aaron Turpen, Hidden Health Science

A new risk assessment, prepared for the Parker-Hannifin Foundation by SNC-Lavalin Environment, warns that mercury from dental fillings (called amalgams or “silver” fillings) is exposing 67.2 million Americans to toxic levels exceeding EPA standards.1 The report was submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) as part of testimony for the upcoming hearings regarding amalgam fillings.2

The assessment shows that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) rules for mercury exposure (called the Reference Exposure Level, or REL), established in 1995, are far exceeded by a huge population of Americans due to mercury fillings. Amalgam fillings are 50% mercury and are a danger to both dental care providers3 and their patients. They are also a danger, it has been shown, to patients with the fillings, even long after they’ve been installed in the mouth.4

The upcoming hearings by the FDA (December 14-15) will consider the science related to mercury exposure health risks from dental amalgam fillings. Mercury-based dental fillings have already been banned in Norway and Sweden. The assessment from Parker-Hannifin states that mercury exposures from dental fillings are the primary means of non-occupational exposures in the public – more so than through seafood.

Currently, in the U.S., 181.1 million Americans of all ages carry 1.46 billion restored teeth. Using past data and available information on dental practice, the report concludes that the vast majority of these are mercury-based amalgams. Because exact data is unavailable, the assessment used four scenarios to calculate total risks.

The first scenario is for all restored tooth surfaces and assumed no materials other than 50% mercury amalgams were used. This acted as the base measurement for the other three scenarios. The second scenario took the totals from Scenario 1 and subtracted five surfaces as being non-amalgam. The third assumed only 50% of restorations were with amalgams and the fourth assumed 30% of people from Scenario 1 had no amalgams and that five of each of the remaining people’s tooth surfaces were non-amalgam and that 50% of the remaining restored tooth surfaces were amalgams. The scenarios thus create a worst-case to best-case series of assumptions.

The best-case option, Scenario 4, still shows 67.2 million Americans are over-exposed to mercury by EPA standards (REL of 0.3ug/m3). This would also mean that 122.3 million Americans would exceed the California Environmental Protection Agency’s standard (REL of 0.03ug/m3). The RELs for the U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry and the Canadian Federal Department of Health fall in between the EPA and CEPA standards.

The breakdown of data from the Parker-Hannifin report shows that, again in Scenario 4, toddlers in the U.S. have 379,004 fillings, 45.2% of which exceed EPA standards for mercury exposure. Children and teens make up another 19 million (roughly) with about 30% of them exceeding exposure standards. Children are less likely to have cavities and more likely to have non-mercury fillings. In adults and seniors, the total number of mercury-based fillings are in about 103 million people with roughly 60% of them exceeding mercury toxicity standards.

After the hearings this month, the FDA will give a final ruling on mercury fillings sometime in 2011.

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Special thanks to Dr. Richardson for forwarding his assessments to the author.


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  2. GoneWithTheWind says:

    Wow! If this is true then more people will be dying young in 1st world countries where there is adequate dental care. But in fact every year we break new records in life expectancy… Hmmm! It must not be true!

    • Militant Libertarian says:

      Umm… we do? No, we don’t. Our LE is dropping, not rising. Plus chronic illnesses that could have links to heavy metals poisoning are on the rapid rise… Hmm…

  3. GoneWithTheWind says:

    Our life expectancy goes up every year. You are simply wrong about that. As for chronic illnesses they are either holding steady or declining. We as a country are enjoying the best health in history. Certainly a lot of illnesses find their way into the news, some seeking funding and others seeking attention. But that does not equate to an increase in illnesses chronic or otherwise.

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