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The Meaning of Barak Obama

I was looking up the meaning of names on because, well, I do that sort of thing.  I’m sort of working on a novel (which is like saying I’m digging for China, since I’ve written half a million words for this novel, all of which have been round filed at one point or another) and was hoping to find a name associated with “light,” “illumination” or “enlightenment.”

Instead, I stumbled on this little tidbit: when searching for names that mean “light,” and are male, I found both “Barak” and “Obama” on the same list

Barak is a Hebrew name that means “lightning” or “spark.”  Obama is an African name that means “slightly bent.”  So for giggles, I searched for “Hussein” as well: Arabic name meaning “handsome one.”

So Barack Hussein Obama means “lighting/spark” that is the “handsome one” who is “slightly bent.”

You tell me if it’s fitting or not.