Remote ‘kill switch’ added to Intel’s newest processor

Posted: December 14th, 2010 by Militant Libertarian

by Jason Douglass, IW

Lauded as a security feature,Intel’s new Sandy Bridge processor can be remotely disabled by a hardware/software combination known at Anti-Theft 3.0. Systems can be disabled over 3G networks, even while the OS is not running. Even when the hard drive is replaced, the critical systems will still be terminated.

At first this sounds great: if an owner loses a laptop it can be remotely disabled to ensure no sensitive data is compromised. But essentially we are giving up control of our computers and putting that control in another’s hands.

With the Patriot Act in place and and legislation like the ‘kill switch’ bill, many of the rights we took for granted are threatened. It is well within reason to fear this type of technology as it could be used as a means of control and censorship.

The CIA recently created a ‘honeypot’ on a hijacked mirror site associated with Wikileaks and used it to identify people who download the sensitive data.

University students have been warned not do download Wikileak’s documents under threat of being blacklisted from government jobs.

Homegrown terrorism is the new buzz being cultivated by DHS and various other government agencies. In publications like MIAC report, authorities identify patriots as dangers and label them probable terrorists.

Even Geraldo Rivera has begun to see through the thin veil of false flag terrorism, identifying patsies planted by the very agencies meant to protect us.

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We have lost control of our government and soon we will lose control over our own health. Constitutional rights are continually under attack and we are losing the war. With PR spins like Intel’s it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep things in perspective.


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  1. David Herron says:

    Hm, this is a very meandering and unfocused argument. You’re saying that because Intel installed a remote kill instruction in a CPU that we’re in danger of the government instigating brutal dictatorship? Uh? Say what? How does an opcode in a CPU result in dictatorship? You lost me somewhere along the way.

    • Militant Libertarian says:

      1) anything added to your computer can be hacked, so your system could be shut off via the Internet, Wifi, whatever.

      2) why does Intel think we need this if it’s not so that computers can be shut down remotely?

      3) if this exists on nearly all computers and the “Cyberwarriors” decide to quell dissent through black ops, here’s there opening.

      This very website sees a high volume of .gov and .mil visitors. Obviously not because of its government-friendly content…

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