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Depopulation of the Gulf Ensues, Follow the Money Trail

by Shepard Ambellas and Alex Thomas, Intel Hub

Looking back on the BP oil spill you can clearly see that BP was calling the shots from within the government through salted channels and embedded operational tentacles that span throughout the current administration.

In order to find out who possibly masterminded such a vast cleanup operation and the deeper corrupt connections behind such a dastardly plan, one must follow the money trail.

One of the most noted BP insiders is Dr. Steven Chu, the Secretary of Energy who most of his carer specialized in high powered lasers. Both Chu and his Under Secretary for Science, Steve Koonin have strong ties to BP.

Open admission in the BBC details how Halliburton’s profits rose 83% during the BP oil spill. Was this due to the fact thatHalliburton purchased the oil cleanup company Boots & Coots just weeks before the disaster? That’s right, Halliburton acquired an oil clean up company less than 2 weeks before the Deepwater Horizon event on April 20, 2010.

Halliburton profits up despite oil spill


Halliburton, services provider for the energy industry, has announced a big jump in profits despite its involvement in the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.The Texas-based company said profits for the last three months rose by 83% compared with last year.Halliburton’s share price rose as much as 5% in early trading on Wall Street.

There has been many public claims of fraud by Halliburton, the company that conducted the cementing of the Deepwater Horizon that burst into an exploding fireball to create one of the largest disasters in American history.

Halliburton has a very shady history, controlled by war criminals such as Dick Cheney.

Dick Cheney, the former CEO of Halliburton, packed the Minerals and Management Service with “salters”; gaining open rights to drill below 2 miles depth throughout the Gulf of Mexico. This left the Gulf open to the old problem reaction solutiontrick we have seen over and over in the past including during and after the attacks on 9/11.

Remember, Cheney played a key role in the false flag attacks of September 11, 2001 when he ordered NORAD to completely stand down with hijacked aircraft in the air.

There are many other companies linked to the BP oil spill and one of the most sinister is Nalco, the producer of the “toxic death agent” known as Corexit. Nalco happens to have former BP members on their board of directors as well as a direct link to the Blackstone Group, a known Rothschild front.

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